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Hello, my name is Alex. I am a happy father of twins and I would really like to be a good role model for my boys. I was a dedicated and passionate smoker for over twenty years. I really enjoyed smoking and I could easily average two packs a day, or sometimes even more! These days I no longer smoke analogue cigarettes and this has been a great achievement for me.

Please feel free to browse my review blog. You will find the latest e-cigarette news, information and innovations. All of the reviews posted on this site are based on my personal experience and also the experiences of some close friends. We have all got into the e cig scene and have switched to electronic cigarettes. These are also known as vapor cigarettes. More importantly, this e-cig blog is intended to bust the myths that have sprung up around e cigarettes and help people make well informed decisions. A lot of people get confused about which brands offer the best deals and vaping experience and which one’s don’t.

Let me stress once again that I was a two pack a day smoker for over 20 years. Soon after I got married my happy smokers’ life was totally changed. My beautiful wife laid down the law and told me in no uncertain terms that if I wanted to smoke, I had better drag my sorry butt out into the garage. After she gave birth to our twins she really went to town! Smoking in the garage just didn’t cut it anymore. She made me wash my hands, brush my teeth and even change my clothes after each smoke. To really rub salt into the wound she then proceeded to withhold my ‘conjugal rights’. But the real wakeup call happened when she threatened me with divorce if I continued to indulge in my filthy habit.

The very last straw was the recent huge tax increase on cigarettes. Unlike many others I was determined to give as little of my hard earned wages as possible to the government. Hell, I pay enough taxes already! It’s not as though the money even gets spent on anything useful, I wasn’t about to let the money I earned go to waste.

I had tried to quit several times in the past, but with no success! I tried the gum, patches, pills…everything. Nothing helped me kick the habit. Needless to say, I kept hearing about these new fangled e-cig things, but never seriously looked into it until one of my co-workers brought one into the office. I was very sceptical, but he put a new filter on it and let me take a few drags. I was completely amazed. It tasted like an analogue and I couldn’t believe it! I decided that I would go home and research this wonderful new invention. So, I have been researching e-cigarettes for the past 6 months and I’ve also tried different brands and manufacturers of e cigs. As with anything else, some work well, while others don’t. However, it became clear that these products are safer than analogues, as they just deliver nicotine vapor, propylene glycol and flavourings. This makes them an infinitely better choice when compared with the veritable laundry list of ingredients found in tobacco smoke. Not to mention the bad breath, smell and the withholding of ‘conjugal rights’!

Understanding that not all e cigarette brands were created equal, I have decided to share my e cigarette reviews and help first time e-cigs smokers to find the best electronic cigarettes on the market. Keep in mind though, that the best electronic cigarette for you may not be the best electronic cigarette for someone else, as everyone has different smoking preferences. Each person also has a different budget. It’s all a matter of personal taste, and there is no right or wrong answer. It’s truly up to you.

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  1. Thanks Alex. It’s the least I could do since it was mostly info from you that helped me make more informed decisions and arrive at a brand I’m very happy with.

  2. Great site with lots of information. I am considering purchasing an e cigs. I do have a couple questions I’m hoping you would be able to answer for me. I live in Quebec, Canada. Have you heard of any shipping problems across the boarder? I am hoping to get cartridges with nicotine. Thanks for your thoughts.

    • I have read that e cigarettes are not legal for sale in Canada, but I KNOW for a fact that many readers are from Canada (I look at IP’s from time to time)
      I think the companies are versed in how to code the product in order to get it through customs without an issue.

  3. I cant believe that after all these years, I’ve finally found a way to quit smoking and your blog helped me to choose e cig most suitable for me. Yo are doing great job Alex! Thank you.

  4. I purchased my Bull Smoke Kit based on your review. I love that I can now smoke whenever and wherever I want!

  5. Have you heard about e-cigarette blow up? It exploded in man’s mouth causing serious injury. Do you know what was the brand he used?

    • Yes I have heard about this man from Florida and I am really sad that this accident discredited all e cig brands including high quality ones. Unfortunately I could not find the name of the brand he used but I am sure this was a freak accident. It was either an automatic battery that the liquid was leaking into for a while or an old battery that may have been getting warm for a little while now or a battery that may have being dropped multiple times over its lifetime. Batteries are used for many things from power tools to children’s toys. People must read the warnings on the packages for each product and use them cautiously.

  6. This poor guy in Florida was most likely using a homemade or modified personal vaporizing device – not an electronic cigarette. Be smart…dont buy cheap batteries or cheap devices.

  7. All reports have indicated it was an electronic cigar mod of some kind. One thing that is a fact was that it was an electronic cigar mod NOT an electronic cigarette.

  8. I started smoking at around 19 years old. Tried everything to quit with no luck. Both my wife and I haven’t smoked a cigarette since we got these things! I feel 1000 times healthier and we save a lot of money. I don’t know what’s going on in the minds of the politicians? Why they want to ban electronic cigarettes???!!!

    • I am just as puzzled as you are, as that doesn’t really make any sense.

    • In my opinion, the only reason that e-cigarettes are receiving so much heat lately is the amount of pull the tobacco industry has over the federal and local government. If a senator is receiving money from a tobacco lobbyist, he will do anything in his power to ensure that big tobacco’s profits aren’t touched. It’s getting ridiculous. They say they want you to quit smoking but they love that tax money. Most of the anti-smokers I’ve met aren’t bothered by electronic cigarettes since they don’t smell, which is I think is the real issue for most people.

  9. I always enjoy your reviews Alex, thanks!

  10. Must say I’m quite impressed with your review site! I have smoked Marlboros for 29 years. Due to some health conditions had to make the switch from traditional cigarettes to e-smoking. I am now “smoking” the e-premium equivalent – Mal-boro. I am very pleased with the product. I read your review prior to ordering. Thank you!

  11. My hubby started using e-cigs about two months ago and has had great success. No more coughing, his breathing is better and no longer gets winded after walking. All this after just a few weeks. I am really happy!

  12. Hi, Alex! I have haerd that FDA did a review and found some e-cigs contained anti-freeze… what do you know about this? is this true?

    • That is a scare rumor based on a partial truth. One of the primary ingredients used in e cigarettes is propylene glycol, which is used in a NON-toxic anti freeze. It is also approved by the FDA for use as a food additive, and it is also used in a million things that we all use every day like cosmetics, medicines, toothpaste, shampoo, mouth wash, hair care and other stuff.

  13. Alex, please answer if you know. Is it possible to use an Electronic Cigarette on a commercial flight? I will be travelling soon to Cyprus and would like to know if it is permitted to use my electronic cigarette on board.

    • Technically and legally it is not a problem. There is no legal reason within the EU to stop you using them but I believe the USA authorities are trying to ban them. Electronic cigarettes are considered a portable electronic devices and are subject to the relevant legislation. I would advise contacting your airline to clarify the situation. Just because the law permits you to carry them on board, the airline is under no obligation to allow you to carry them and may still refuse. I have seen e cigs offered for sale on board Ryanair flights but other airlines may have different rules.

    • According to FAA regulations, smoking a lighted cigarette or anything that produces smoke or flame is prohibited onboard most commercial aircrafts as it may interrupt other passengers’ comfort or it may cause the misunderstanding among other passengers. however, the FAA has not issued a regulation for or against electronic cigarettes, leaving that decision up to the individual airlines.

    • my friend went to Miami and he said he was able to smoke in his seat on the plane with the e cigarette! So for those of you that really need to smoke every 20 minutes you have a way to smoke and travel!

  14. I was once on an aircraft where a man was smoking an e-cigarette, and she was asked to… “put it out”, as cabin crew thought it was real 🙂

    • That can happen, but then again, Ryanair actually sell e cigs to passengers on some flights. As long as you don’t run screaming through the plane like that person did on the Continental Airlines flight did I think you will be ok!

  15. I just quit smoking and am looking for something to ease my cravings and mood. I have decided to try the electronic cigarette but I am confused by all of the different brands and types. What do you recommend?

    • I’ve tried a few different e-cigarette brands and my top choices is GreenSmoke.
      Well if you want one that is going to look and feel like a real cigarette I would get one from Green Smoke, they are the leader in this industry for over 10 years! They seem to be expensive but when you think about how much you spend on regular cigarettes they are really are cheaper! If you’re interested in trying out the Green Smoke brand, I encourage you to get their disposable e cigarettes “Green Smoke Vapor” before purchasing a starter kit.

      • I’ve been a Blu Cig vaper for a while now, but the Green Smokes certainly look impressive! Lots of people say that the Green Smokes are worth the little bit of extra money. Thanks for the tip about trying the disposables. Why not?

    • I use Blucigs and I am very happy with this brand. I can not comment on any other brand because I have not tried them. Do some research and choose the best one that suits you.

    • You need to try a few to find your brand. The thing I weight the most is the taste. Ecig is like real cig, different brand got different taste and smoke. I tried Blucigs and didnt like it. I now use SmokeTip and havent picked up a real cig in 3 months.

  16. I think Bull Smoke is great. Most vapor out of any brand that I have tried an Bull Smoke offers more flavors than any other product that I’ve ever tested

  17. Thanks for sharing this guys. I think I’ll have a go on the Green Smoke Vapor before I buy one of the kits.

  18. I’d just like to say that this is brilliant site. There’s a lot of misinfo surrounding e cigarettes and rumours such as anti- freeze in cartridges might put people off trying them. It’sgood that you’re busting the myths!

    • It wouldn’t surprise me if tobacco companies were behind this misinformation. E cigs must be quite a threat to them. So many people are waking up to the benefits of electronic cigarettes that it might eventually affect their profits maybe. Hopefully I can clear up the rumours.

  19. Hi there, I love your site. I just wanted to know if you can buy Green Smoke and Blu Cigs online from UK stockists or if you have to order from the US? Paying the shipping, duty and Royal Mail handling fee ends up costing a pretty penny!

    • Ordering from the States sounds expensive for you lot!

      My Greensmoke Vapor disposable turned up and I have to say that I am impressed. It has definitely helped with cravings for cigarettes. I’m going to check out the starter kit.

      I hope you find some stockists near you.

    • These brands are available from UK stockists, there are plenty of UK e cig retailers so you shouldn’t have a problem. I can understand why tax and duty might be a problem, I hear it can get very expensive! I hope you enjoy your vaping. Please let me know how it works out.

  20. Hi there. I have to say that I’ve been checking out your blog for a while now and I’m really impressed. It’s good to read some honest reviews for a change. So I just wanted to support your worthy cause and say well done. Getting people off the analogues is a great thing to be doing. Keep up the good work!

  21. Hi Alex, really nice blog! You are doing a great job! Where can I buy an electronic cigarette in Canada?

    • Hi Dora, thank you for you kind words!
      Many USA based e-cigarettes companies ship to Canada. The Green Smoke, BullSmoke, V2cig are being shipped worldwide. You could contact those companies to verify.

  22. I have been a loyal Safe Cig customer for nearly two years but the comoany is shut down for a few months already. Do you have more info on this?

    • Safe Cig was the very first e-cigarette I purchased although I never received the product and got a refund. The domain seems to be “parked” but I have no idea why Safe Cig is gone. They must not have been doing very well…