Feb 232012

Alexa.com Electronic cigarette rankings

Today’s post is going to have to be brief as I need to dash off to a friend’s wedding. But I just had to let you all know about my recent purchase at V2 Cigs. I encountered a very interesting banner at the V2 Cigs site; which stated that according to Alexa.com (who report trends) V2 Cigs are the most popular e cig brand. This is a pretty awesome feat considering the fact that the brand has been going for just over a year.

Alexa.com consists of a tool bar and website that publishes data on internet trends. If the tool bar is installed it tracks users and transmits data on browsing habits, websites visited and where a user clicks. The data is collected and analyzed for web traffic reports on trends, so people can then identify which products and services are most popular with internet users. However, Alexa.com can only use data from people who have their toolbar installed, and I don’t have figures for how many people actually have this toolbar.  Alexa.com aren’t the only people who track trends, but I can tell you now that I know the E cig industry inside out, and V2 Cigs have recently replaced Blu Cigs as the most popular brand.

But I’m not one to blow my own trumpet, so I’d like to say CONGRATULATIONS to everyone at VMR Products/V2 Cigs. Well done for coming such a long way in such a short space of time.

But anyway, back to Alexa.com and trends, I have some good news of my own to report. My very own electronic cigarette review site, which I’ve been working tirelessly on since 2009, is actually the top site in Alexa.com’s “electronic cigarette reviews” category.  This prompted me to have a look at the competition, and there were some pretty impressive looking websites. Sure they looked rather fancy, but even the latest gimmicks are no substitute for hard work or honest and insightful blog posts. I’ve poured my heart into this blog, and since I started getting really serious around 2010, all the hard work has really paid off.

As always it’s my readers and visitors that make blogging worthwhile for me. I’m always happy to read comments and emails. Giving my readers tips and discount coupon codes is immensely satisfying. So a BIG THANKYOU to all my readers, your time is always appreciated and please do keep on asking questions, and be sure to stick around for reviews of new products. I’ll be posting more in the near future!

On that note I’m off to get suited and booted for the wedding. Maybe I’ll have a couple of glasses of Champaign while I “vape” away on a V2 Cigs e cigarette. If you’re lucky I might even post some photos!

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