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Today’s post is going to have to be brief as I need to dash off to a friend’s wedding. But I just had to let you all know about my recent purchase at V2 Cigs. I encountered a very interesting banner at the V2 Cigs site; which stated that according to (who report trends) V2 Cigs are the most popular e cig brand. This is a pretty awesome feat considering the fact that the brand has been going for just over a year. consists of a tool bar and website that publishes data on internet trends. If the tool bar is installed it tracks users and transmits data on browsing habits, websites visited and where a user clicks. The data is collected and analyzed for web traffic reports on trends, so people can then identify which products and services are most popular with internet users. However, can only use data from people who have their toolbar installed, and I don’t have figures for how many people actually have this toolbar. aren’t the only people who track trends, but I can tell you now that I know the E cig industry inside out, and V2 Cigs have recently replaced Blu Cigs as the most popular brand.

But I’m not one to blow my own trumpet, so I’d like to say CONGRATULATIONS to everyone at VMR Products/V2 Cigs. Well done for coming such a long way in such a short space of time.

But anyway, back to and trends, I have some good news of my own to report. My very own electronic cigarette review site, which I’ve been working tirelessly on since 2009, is actually the top site in’s “electronic cigarette reviews” category.  This prompted me to have a look at the competition, and there were some pretty impressive looking websites. Sure they looked rather fancy, but even the latest gimmicks are no substitute for hard work or honest and insightful blog posts. I’ve poured my heart into this blog, and since I started getting really serious around 2010, all the hard work has really paid off.

As always it’s my readers and visitors that make blogging worthwhile for me. I’m always happy to read comments and emails. Giving my readers tips and discount coupon codes is immensely satisfying. So a BIG THANKYOU to all my readers, your time is always appreciated and please do keep on asking questions, and be sure to stick around for reviews of new products. I’ll be posting more in the near future!

On that note I’m off to get suited and booted for the wedding. Maybe I’ll have a couple of glasses of Champaign while I “vape” away on a V2 Cigs e cigarette. If you’re lucky I might even post some photos!

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Feb 172012

One of the first questions anyone asks when they consider switching to Electronic cigarettes is whether they are harmful. Bearing in mind that there is no clinical data to confirm or disprove the safety of e cigarettes we’ll have to rely on common sense and anecdotal evidence. It seems that there are different opinions being touted by the media and health professionals alike. However, at this point I can safely consider myself to be something of an expert due to my long running career as e cigarette reviewer extraordinaire.

I’m going to focus today on how I have benefitted personally from switching to e-cigarettes rather than dwelling upon potentially bogus accusations of their harmfulness.

In this day and age the traditional smoker can end up feeling like something of an outcast. When I made the transition to e-cigarettes there was a pivotal moment for me when I realized what a life line they were. My Eureka moment came when I was meeting with some trendy types in the marketing business. I was starting to feel the need for my regular nicotine fix, so rather than heading off for a smoke and risking appearing unprofessional, I decided to be bold! I could have excused myself and scurried off through the plush Miami Beach Hotel lobby, but instead I decided to ask if it was fine for me to “light one up”. Not that I would have been lighting anything, of course, seeing as e cigs are non combustible.

Imagine my surprise when my clients reeled with laughter, why was I even asking? Never the less, it’s always polite to ask others if they mind before you go ahead and “vape” in their company. By then I had piqued their interest with my electronic cigarette and I was bombarded with questions about my favourite gadget, it wasn’t my intention to divert anyone from the business at hand, but my clients were now very curious. I had even gained an advantage! I realised that I was able to conduct business secure in the knowledge that I had a steady supply of nicotine on hand, but without the disadvantages of traditional cigarettes. This was far more professional in my opinion, but the advantages of e-cigarettes went much further for me.

Back in the days when I was still an e-cigarette novice I experienced an extremely important benefit of e-cigarettes first hand. Now I don’t know if you’ve ever been burning along in your automobile while enjoying the thrill of the open road, only to have your cigarette blown from your mouth into the back of your car, but believe me it’s no fun! While on the way to a business meeting in South Florida I would have come to a sticky end had I not been smoking an electronic cigarette at the time.

My heart skipped a beat as I imagined my car catching fire and hurtling down the freeway like a big ball of flames, or a huge burn in my designer suit.  I heaved a massive sign of relief when I remembered I was actually smoking an e cig, and as I slowed down the little fella was lying safely on the floor right beside my feet. My car was fine, my suit was intact and all was good in my world.

Anyone who has smoked tobacco cigarettes knows that awkward and guilty feeling you get when you want to smoke but there’s kids around. Being a generous guy I like to help my family or lend a hand, and it’s not uncommon for me to have the nephews and nieces round every few weeks to give their parents a break! With traditional tobacco cigarettes I was lucky if I managed to furtively sneak a couple of cigarette breaks in when I had the kids over. I found e-cigarettes were a far more convenient way of indulging my habit. A little puff here and a little puff there was all it took, because I wasn’t trying to hide the fact that I was standing out doors puffing away on a smoky old cigarette. With electronic cigarettes you can slip one out and take a crafty puff before popping the device back into your pocket, and no children will ever have to breathe your second-hand smoke. By not having to keep extinguishing unfinished cigarettes you can actually save a surprising amount of money, and this in itself is worthy of consideration.

These are just a few reasons why e cigarettes are safer for smokers and non smokers alike, I could go on listing the positives almost indefinitely, but then what would I write for my next post?

Until next time.


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Feb 062012

I’d like to WELCOME all newcomers to my e cigs review blog. Seasoned readers may well find that today’s update isn’t exactly “news” to them, but today I’d like to examine electronic cigarettes and their increasing popularity.

The use of electronic cigarette’s has been skyrocketing and increasing in prominence. However, you may be curious and also a little confused if you have never tried them for yourself, and you might even wonder what the fuss is all about. So for the next few minutes let’s see some of the great brands that are available, look at the reasons for the rising popularity of e-cigarettes and you can decide for yourself if you’d like to give e-cigarettes a go!

Electronic cigarettes offer the smoker a highly satisfying alternative to traditional cigarettes in the form of a fully portable electronic gadget. The device produces vapors which mimic the appearance, aroma and taste of the traditional tobacco cigarettes. Smokers can still enjoy the sensations of smoking including the hit of nicotine so withdrawal symptoms are simply not an issue. This means that smokers of traditional cigarettes can switch to e-cigs with ease.
What makes people switch from traditional cigarettes to e-cigarettes?

Well, there are many compelling and noteworthy reasons for making the switch.
First of all because e-cigarettes produce vapour instead of smoke they are a healthy alternative to traditional cigarettes. The vapors are produced by way of ultrasonic’s or a source of non-combustible heat. The tar, carbon monoxide and harmful additives found in tobacco cigarettes are absent from e-cigarettes making them safer and cleaner.

Since smoking is no longer permitted in bars, restaurants and other public buildings non-combustible e-cigarettes are often an acceptable alternative. Although various establishments have their own policies, and laws can vary between states, e-cigarettes are often permitted. The fact that many people find they can smoke e-cigs indoors is another reason for their growing popularity.
Although e-cigarettes come in a range of styles most are a convenient size, pen size, as you would expect. Most varieties come with reusable cartridges and the cartridges contain a liquid which is heated to produce the vapors.  This allows for a more creative variety of products in the form of flavoured cartridges, and these include traditional tobacco and menthol as well as more exotic flavours like cherry or chocolate.

Bull Smoke is fast becoming one of the most popular e-cig brands. Their wide range of flavoured cartridges encompasses fruity flavours, classic flavours that are designed to taste like your old favourite cigarette brands and even dessert flavours! So whether you consider yourself a sophisticated or more rugged type there is bound to be a flavour for you. You can read all about this featured product and learn more in my “Bullsmoke  review post

My advice to anyone who is considering trying e-cigarettes is to try it for yourself. E cigarettes, in my opinion, are a must for any smoker, and once I tried them I never looked back because of the health benefits and other plus points. So if you’re curious grab yourself a good quality kit with your choice of flavours and enjoy a safer cleaner smoke.

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Feb 062012

The fairer sex are an enigma with their own needs and desires, I know what you’re thinking, but today I’m referring to e cigs! A certain well established brand understands the mysterious ways of the woman, and they’re about to launch a brand new offer that will appeal to the ladies. The product is exquisite and although I can’t disclose name or brands at this point in time I can tell you that it’s fabulous. This e-cigarette is aimed at women who are looking for a feminine and sophisticated product and it certainly ticks both boxes. I can genuinely say that I was amazed when I first learned of it.

But I‘m not done teasing you quite yet! I’ll be updating this page in the near future with details of this fantastic offer and it’s going to be a BIG success.

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Feb 062012


A lot of time and hard work has gone into this latest entry, and this follows on from my previous entry on  legitimacy of e cigarette review sites.
When you decide to try a new product for the very first time it can be a little daunting. There are many e cigarette brands and products available these days, but unfortunately, not all companies are as customer focussed as they should be.

Great customer service is a sound indication that a company is reputable and takes pride in its products. It always pains me to hear that first time users have had a negative experience because I passionately believe that e-cigarettes are the way forward for smokers. It’s always a pity when people are put off because they end up missing out on a healthy, cheaper and more sociable alternative to the evil weed.

Here are my tips to getting the BEST electronic cigarette buying experience.

1.    If a company goes out of their way to help you BEFORE you make you decide to buy you can bet your bottom dollar that they’ll be equally as supportive AFTER you’ve made your purchase.
•    Do they answer your calls promptly? If you leave a message do they call you back?
•    Do they respond to your emails and do they quickly respond to you on chat?
•    Are they prepared to go out of their way to provide you with the best quality customer service? Do they impress you as a new customer?
•    Do they offer you advice on which product is best for you based on your own individual needs?

2.  Do your research and check out the company’s reputation online.
•    What have other customers said about them? Do they have a long history of complaints?
•    If other customers have complained take note of the problems they have encountered.

3.  Take advantage of sales and coupons.

•    Just like other companies e-cigarette companies run seasonal promotions. This is your opportunity to stock up on your favourite accessories and cartridges at discounted prices. I have saved significant amounts of money using this tactic. It pays to be a savvy shopper!
•    Doing your homework pays off big time. Searching for offers on blogs (mine included) will certainly help you save money.

4.  My aim is to offer honest and impartial advice for newcomers to e-cigarettes as well as the seasoned e-cig smoker. I have been working tirelessly since 2010 to provide information on the latest offers and products to consumers, and thousands have benefitted from my advice. I suppose you could call me an expert! People often ask me why I only recommend certain brands, and the answer is very simple, I have tried them for myself so that’s why I’m happy to recommend them. A question I am asked frequently is which e-cigarettes are the best? This all depends on what feature or features are most important to the consumer since we all have individual needs. Are you looking for a long battery life? Do you want traditional tobacco flavour cartridges or are you looking for something more exotic? Maybe you’re after strong vapors and a good throat hit. I won’t just recommend any brand or product as it’s all about you; the consumer. If I recommend a product and one of my readers isn’t happy with it I just end up looking like a fool!
In my quest to provide the best information on the top e-cig brands all emails and questions are welcomed.  I’ll not only be able to provide the latest discount codes, but I’m also happy to liaise between you and any company should any disputes occur.
As ever I am prepared to go the extra mile for my readers and fellow e-cig smokers (not to mention potential e-cig smokers) .

So I hope you enjoyed my introductory buyers guide, I will continue to build on this and hopefully enhance your experience when you buy e cigs online.

So until next time have a great day and your questions and comments are welcome and appreciated as always because I’m happy to help.

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