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This blog, as you already know, is all about giving my readers the best advice and electronic cigarette reviews. Sure I advertise on this blog, but only the best e cigs get to make an appearance. While I’m no scientist, I do have plenty of personal experience of ‘vaping’ on electronic cigarettes and it’s my mission to bring this wealth of acquired knowledge to you!

Switching to electronic cigarettes is a smart choice period. If you’re reading this I don’t need to lecture you about how there are thousands of harmful chemicals in traditional cigarettes. That’s a given. You instantly made an intelligent choice the moment you decided to jettison the evil weed. But aside from that, is there any evidence to suggest that electronic cigarettes can make you smarter?

Nicotine, Intelligence and Memory

Now, I’m not about to write a post to pander to the ego’s of all e cig users. You know; the kind of post that tells you how smart you are because you smoke e cigarettes and then goes on to say ‘buy some now’. However, did you know that some studies have shown that nicotine could have a positive effect on concentration and memory?

As I write, scientists are busy synthesising nicotine and researching ways of using these chemicals to treat various diseases. It was discovered, during research, that intelligence and memory was boosted in laboratory animals when they were given nicotine. Don’t get me wrong, I feel sorry for the little laboratory critters, but the results were fascinating none the less.

Professor Stoleman’s Rats – Yes, This is totally Relevant to This Post!

Professor Ian Stoleman, from the Institute of Psychiatry, King’s College in London conducted studies that have shown that nicotine actually improved the performance of rats in memory and intelligence tests.

According to Professor Stoleman; many of the substances that we know as drugs have a variety of both harmful and beneficial effects. This includes nicotine. When Stoleman and his colleagues began their studies ten years ago, they never imagined that nicotine could prove to be so beneficial for cognitive function. They found that when rats were given small doses of nicotine, they showed improvements in their memory and intelligence when performing certain tests.

So what were these tests? Stoleman and members of his team trained these animals to respond to quick flashes of light. When the light flashed, the rats had to stand in a certain area of their cage. The majority of rats who got it right received a reward in the form of a tasty treat. Stoleman advised that they had a success rate of 80%. Now this is the interesting part; the rat’s success rate rose by 5% when they were given small doses of nicotine.

But What about Concentration?

Stoleman conducted the test again, but this time there was a lot of background noise. Loud levels of background noise can be extremely distracting as we all know. The rats clearly thought so too. The rat’s performance on this test fell to just 50% with loud distracting background noises. However, once they were given nicotine their success rate rose to 80%.

Funnily Enough, Nicotine has Similar Effects on People Too

Stoleman and his team discovered that nicotine actually boosts the brain’s functioning when it comes to concentration and memory. Other studies have shown that nicotine can make a person’s brain up to 30% more efficient. Positive effects include prolonged periods of concentration and being more alert. We can all relate to the fact that a hit of nicotine seems to make a complicated or even a tedious task seem much easier.

Unfortunately traditional cigarettes contain harmful substances such as tar and carbon monoxide. If you switch smokeless cigarettes you can still have the nicotine. You won’t have the negative side of tobacco to deal with though. No more smelling of stale smoke, worrying about being antisocial or the health implications. Vapor cigarettes are the sensible choice for those who want to enjoy the benefits of tobacco while cutting out harmful chemicals from traditional cigarettes.

Could Electronic Cigarettes Increase Productivity at work?

E-cigs could even increase your productivity at work. Some employers will allow their staff to vape while working. This can prevent the loss of concentration that many people experience with nicotine withdrawal in the work place. In fact, in professions where safety is a concern, e-cigarettes could save lives. For example; lorry drivers in the United Kingdom cannot legally smoke in their cabs. Loss of concentration on a motorway could kill! A driver could vape and legally have his nicotine hit, but without putting himself and others in danger.

A word of warning though; it is best to check with your boss first before you go ahead and vape on your electronic cigarette in the office. Some electron

ic cigarette brands can look very similar to the real thing. I have heard of people firing up their e cig only to be mobbed by the anti smoking brigade! So, it’s worth explaining to people how e cigarettes work and that you are NOT actually smoking before you start vaping.

Great Smokers throughout History

In fact, many of the greatest minds have been smokers. The iconic Sir Winston Churchill has often been pictured puffing on a cigar. Yes, cigar flavoured cartridges are also available. Interestingly enough, Albert Einstein, Thomas Edison and Franklin D Roosevelt were also known to have been tobacco smokers.

If these people were alive today they would probably seek out the very best electronic cigarettes and vape away to their heart’s content! There are plenty of reviews for the best e cig kits including the best electronic cigarette starter kits here. You will only find honest reviews on this blog. If there are pros and cons to a brand I will list them, because this is not a sales pitch.

Electronic Cigarettes are the smart choice for any smoker. It’s just a matter of finding an electronic cigarette brand and model that works for you.

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One of the biggest downsides to quitting traditional cigarettes is the inevitable weight gain of 5 to 10 pounds. In fact, gaining a few pounds is to be expected. Unfortunately many people end up putting on more than this. Excessive weight gain causes its own set of health problems. Growing out of your favourite pair of jeans, loss of self confidence and health issues are enough to put some smokers off stopping altogether. Other smokers find themselves going back to the evil weed as an antidote to piling on the pounds.

Is Risking Your Health Really Worth a Few Pounds?

This is a real shame, because there are so many dangers associated with smoking traditional cigarettes. Is it really worth risking your health for the sake of a few pounds? Traditional tobacco cigarettes contain around 4000 chemicals. Around 50 of those chemicals are known to be carcinogenic. Every time a smoker takes a puff on a cigarette, they are inhaling dangerous substances such as benzene, formaldehyde and ammonia. So, is there a way of quitting traditional cigarettes and finding a healthier substitute that helps you keep the weight off?

Why Some People Don’t Want to Quit

On the other hand, some serious diseases and health conditions can arise as a direct result of being obese or overweight. Understandably most people want to avoid these problems. Unfortunately quitting smoking may result in weight gain which could have serious consequences.

  • Diabetes
  • Coronary Heart Disease
  • Fatty Liver
  • Stoke
  • Fertility Problems
  • Complications in pregnancy
  • Cancers

Is There a Way Round the Weight Gain When Smokers Quit?

The answer is yes. Many smokers find that they can transition easily to smokeless cigarettes when they quit tobacco. They don’t gain weight as they would if they just went cold turkey, used smoking cessation drugs or nicotine replacement therapy. It also needs to be said that many smokers actually enjoy smoking and the feeling of that nicotine hit. The electronic cigarette allows smokers to enjoy an alternative that is extremely similar to the experience of smoking a tobacco cigarette.

How E Cigarettes Can Help

But how can e cigarettes help smokers prevent the dreaded weight gain when they quit traditional cigs? Well, in order to understand this we need to look at how smoking affects the body and how nicotine suppresses the appetite.

Why Do people Gain Weight When they Quit Traditional Cigarettes?

Studies have shown that smoking can increase metabolism.

  • Heavy smokers can burn up to 200 calories more than non-smokers
  • Metabolism is boosted
  • Nicotine acts as an appetite suppressant

But up to 200 calories a day is not a large amount. You could easily consume more than that just by eating a bag of potato chips or a candy bar. This leads us to deduce that something else is going on here.

Some People End Up Eating More

Stopping smoking is a real shock to the system and most smokers notice an increase in appetite when they quit. There are many reasons for this.

Traditional Cigarettes Suppress Your Appetite

Although many smokers might not notice it, they often light up between meals instead of snacking. Because nicotine is a stimulant, it affects the release of insulin, which is one of the body’s hormones. Insulin is the hormone that is responsible for regulating glucose levels in the blood. Smoking blocks the function of insulin which causes the smoker to become very slightly hyperglycaemic. In other words, the hormones that trigger feelings of hunger are suppressed.

Emotional Eating and Substituting Food for Traditional Cigarettes

Any smoker knows just how unpleasant nicotine withdrawal can be. It’s only natural to look for a replacement when you’re craving a cigarette. Most people who stop smoking traditional cigarettes find themselves turning to food for comfort. It’s not unusual to hear people describe this comfort eating as filling the void left by cigarettes. It also provides temporary relief from the pain of withdrawal.

Studies have shown that women are at greater risk of returning to smoking than men. Perhaps this is because of the fact that weight gain is a much more sensitive issue for ladies.

How ‘Vaping’ Can Help You to Overcome These Problems

Vaping (or inhaling the vapours from an e cigarette) can help immensely with these problems. Smokers can transition from smoking harmful traditional cigarettes to e cigarettes easily. This is because there are different strengths of cartridges available including nicotine free. People can still enjoy their nicotine hit. This means that people can avoid the trap of replacing cigarettes with food. Most first timers opt for one of the electronic cigarette kits.

Interestingly, many e cigarette fans report that they can smoke the fruit flavoured cartridges as a substitute for eating sugary snacks. It’s not uncommon to hear people say that they have actually lost weight since switching to e-cigarettes. You can read about what people have to say about this on any electronic cigarette forum. There have been no scientific studies in this area so far, but there is a lot of anecdotal evidence to suggest that some e cigarette smokers have actually lost weight since transitioning to smokeless cigarettes. I am constantly adding lots of electronic cigarette reviews to help people to choose the best e cig for them.

Finally, it is well documented that smoking can make traditional cigarette addicts feel drained and lacking in energy. This is because of the damage to the lungs, the lowered oxygen levels in the blood and the harmful toxins taking their toll on the body. Switching to electronic cigarettes can counteract these problems and people find that they have more energy and that helps with exercise.

So what have you got to lose? If you have been scared of quitting traditional cigarettes because of the issue of weight gain, you might find that e cigarettes are the answer to your prayers. You can take this healthy step without weight gain causing another set of health problems. So until next time, happy vaping!

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Jun 082012

Traditionally smoking has had a sexy image. If you have a love of classic movies you have probably seen the glamorous starlet drawing seductively on a cigarette. The image of the leather jacket clad rebel puffing defiantly on his cigarette also springs to mind. In those days smoking tobacco cigarettes was fashionable.

Cigarette Odour can be a Passion Killer!

In recent years this has changed. The cigarette no longer symbolises sexiness and rebellion. These days smoking has become highly undesirable. Yet many are still addicted to traditional cigarettes despite multiple attempts to quit. Unfortunately, smoking cigarettes can be very antisocial as far as non smokers are concerned.

The biggest reason for this is the smell of stale tobacco smoke which can linger on people’s clothes, hair and breath. This can be a real problem even if you are very conscious of your personal hygiene.  This means that smoking is now viewed as a dirty and smelly habit and this makes it very unsexy indeed! Needless to say, because e cigarettes produce vapour instead of smoke, this isn’t going to be an issue for the electronic cigarette smoker. The vapour evaporates almost instantly, so no offensive odours are left behind with these smokeless cigarettes.

In fact, if you visit any online dating sites these days you will find that many people who are seeking love would prefer a non-smoker. This could even be a deal breaker for some folk. But aside from this, smoking could prove to have far more sinister effects on your sex life.

However, electronic cigarettes are an innovative alternative that allows smokers to enjoy all the benefits and pleasures of traditional cigarettes, but without the harmful effects of the tar and other chemicals that are found in tobacco products.

Can Nicotine Cause Impotence?

Studies have shown that nicotine could adversely affect sexual performance, a worrying thought indeed! Nicotine is a vasoconstrictor which causes blood vessels to narrow. I don’t think I need to explain how and why this would be an unwelcome situation for any men out there! Please don’t hastily dispose of your electronic cigarette though. Puff for puff, your smokeless cigarette only contains 10% of the nicotine that you would inhale from a traditional cigarette. This means that the effect of e cigs on a certain part of the male anatomy is negligible.

In many ways, switching from traditional tobacco cigarettes to electronic cigarettes could actually improve your love life. We have already covered how smoking can be a real passion killer for some. But, there are other benefits.

Traditional Cigarettes Lower Libido

Toxins such as benzene, ammonia, acetone and formaldehyde can build up in the body over time. This can cause low energy levels and feelings of fatigue. Smoking cigarettes can have a nasty effect on the circulation. Women are affected by this just as much as men are. Men can find that the health problems associated with smoking traditional cigarettes can affect their ability to maintain an erection. Blood flow is equally important for women. And both sexes can suffer from feelings of lethargy caused by smoking tobacco. Electronic cigarettes do not contain these toxins, so people who make the switch often find their energy levels returning to normal. This can lead to a more active love life as people find their libidos returning!

Although there have been no scientific studies so far that outline the effects of smoking electronic cigarettes on sexual performance, there is plenty of anecdotal evidence to suggest that  switching to smokeless cigarettes has had a positive impact on people’s love lives. So, while nobody is claiming that smoking an e cigarette will somehow make you irresistibly attractive to the opposite sex, they may improve your image, confidence and your ability to ’rise to the occasion’.

However, not all electronic cigarettes were created equal. I only review the best electronic cigarette brands on my blog. Although I admit to having adverts, these are from brands that I have tried and tested myself. It is my mission to help my readers find the best electronic cigarette. So, please keep coming back to check my e cig reviews.

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Smokers who attempt to quit can often find themselves plagued by pitfalls and temptations, myself included.  There are now many smoking cessation products available, but none of them are a magic wand. Many people find themselves returning to the clutches of the evil weed time and time again.

Nicotine Replacement Therapy – What Health Professionals Won’t Tell You

Let me share a personal story here.  Before I discovered electronic cigarettes, like many, I was able to stop smoking traditional cigarettes for a while using Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT).  After a couple of weeks on the patches, I decided to start on the gum because the urge to smoke was so strong. Despite the nicotine, I still missed the sensation of smoking and the gum was a substitute. Besides, I was worried that I was replacing cigarettes with food!

Now, eight months later I was still chewing the gum. People say that smoking is a disgusting habit, but constantly chewing gum is not very nice either. I was becoming increasingly worried about my nicotine gum habit, not to mention the fact that the gum isn’t exactly cheap. After some Googling I discovered on internet forums, that there were plenty of people just like me who had fallen foul of this trap. This was one of the reasons I decided to turn to smokeless cigarettes. Besides being excellent value for money, if you enjoy smoking and want to have that nicotine hit, you might as well ‘vape’ instead of chewing gum.

Cold Turkey

Again, I have experienced the trauma and pain of this method. Even the strongest of wills can break under this kind of pressure. We all know how harmful traditional cigarettes can be, but the withdrawal symptoms can still get the better of you. It is far better to vape on an e cig than to pollute your lungs or suffer the pains of withdrawal.

What about Smoking Cessation Drugs?

In all honesty, I can’t say that I have any experience here. But, what I can tell you is that these are not an easy way out. Although it’s nice to think that we can pop a pill to end addiction to traditional cigarettes, but deep down most of us probably know that life just isn’t that simple. In fact, the nicotine itself is not what causes cancer in smokers. Nobody could deny that it is an addictive substance as well as being a stimulant. However, it is the chemicals, carbon monoxide and tar found in traditional cigarettes that does the real damage. One of the things I love about smokeless cigarettes is that this just isn’t an issue. Since I discovered e cigs I have been working tirelessly to bring people the very best electronic cigarette reviews.

Some people just want to be free from this addiction, and that is understandable. There are drugs available on the market for those who are looking to vanquish their addiction to traditional cigarettes and nicotine. Unfortunately these drugs have some deeply unpleasant, dangerous and sometimes fatal side effects as we will see:


Chantix (varenicline) has been the subject of many studies. According to Dr. Sonal Singh, who is an assistant professor of general internal medicine at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, Chantix can contribute to raising the risks of heart problems. This includes both heart attacks as well as irregular heartbeats.

More sinister still is the potential negative impact of Chantix upon mental health. A ‘black box’ warning was placed on Chantix in 2009, by the FDA. Researchers found that the use of this drug can lead to an increased risk of suicide. In addition to this a whole host of other problems such as depression and hostility can also be caused by Chantix.


This is also known as Wellbutrin or Bupropion. This drug was also subject to a ‘black box’ warning imposed by the FDA in 2009. Yet again, this drug can cause serious mental health problems in some patients. Although Zyban carries less risk than Chantix, this is certainly something to consider if you are prone to depression or anxiety. People who use this drug often complain of feeling dopey, spaced out and forgetful.

Are Electronic Cigarettes a Good Alternative?

So, what are we to make of all this? In my opinion some of these side effects and potential problems of many traditional smoking cessation methods are simply not worth the hassle. If like many others, you enjoy the sensation and nicotine hit of smoking, there is a credible alternative. Electronic cigarettes do not produce tar; only water vapour. This is why smoking e cigs is known as ‘vaping’. Smokeless cigarette users don’t have to worry about inhaling tar and other hazardous substances.

Some e cig fans have also started off on the highest strength cartridges and reduced the dose gradually. After a while they are able to switch completely to the nicotine free cartridges. There are a variety of flavoured e cigarette cartridges available such as mint, fruit flavours, chocolate and tobacco, of course. This certainly makes it easier to cut down on the nicotine.

You can read my reviews of the best electronic cigarette brands on this blog. I am passionate about bring the benefits of electronic cigarettes to as many people as possible. There are all sorts of electronic cigarette starter kits available, as well as kits for the seasoned ‘vaper’. I don’t just review any old product, I only want to give my readers the best e cig reviews and this involves discernment. Only the best products are reviewed on this blog!

If people are losing the battle to quit traditional cigarettes, e cigarettes certainly provide a more healthful alternative to the dreaded weed. They do not cause dangerous side effects unlike some smoking cessation drugs. I have never heard of anyone feeling depressed after an e-cig, quite the opposite in fact!

Feb 272012

I’ve put together my personal top 10 reasons for switching to e cigarette to help guide those who are curious, and potentially interested in making this important transition. If as many people as possible benefit from my expertise I’ll be a very happy man, as my advice isn’t just the creation of some advertising agency, but it does come from years of e cigarette use. I encourage as many people as possible to make their friends, family and colleagues aware of the benefits of switching from traditional tobacco to e cigs. However, there is a disclaimer; I am no scientist and I have no scientific or medical evidence to back up my claims. The conclusions reached in my top 10 are a result of personal research and my own anecdotal evidence.

However, I’d like to invite you all to post my top 10 on any social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, LinkedIN or even on your own blog. So with my introduction and disclaimer out the way let’s proceed with my Top 10 Reasons to Smoke E Cigarettes.

1.  Personal Hygiene.

So you think you’ve met your perfect match, you’re compatible in just about every way except the fact that you smoke is a deal breaker, and who can blame them? A visit to any popular online dating sight will confirm that many people just aren’t interested in dating people who smoke. When you think about it the odor of cigarettes is pretty gross to non smokers. And then there’s the fact that it lingers on your clothes, your hair and in your home. For me this is one of the top reasons I smoke electronic cigarettes!

2. The Environment.

These days many of us are aware of our responsibility towards our environment and I’m no exception. Nobody likes to see old cigarette butts littering the street, but the environmental impact of traditional smoking doesn’t stop there. The packaging, empty cartons and the plastic waste all has to end up somewhere, usually in landfill sites. We all know how important it is to reuse and recycle and e cigarettes are a reusable product which leaves less waste than conventional cigarettes.

3.  Cost.

You don’t need me to tell you that smoking is not just a dirty habit, but that it’s also an expensive one. If you switch to e cigarettes you’ll save your money – and maybe even your life.

4.  Electronic Cigarettes Don’t Contain Tobacco.

You won’t need me to lecture you about how smoking tobacco damages your health and the health of those around you either. Think about it.

5.  Convenience.

For a smoker there are very few things that are worse than craving nicotine when you’re in a place where smoking is forbidden.  Luckily e cigarettes get around this problem and they can be enjoyed in most places where traditional cigarettes are banned. Some work places will even allow e cigarettes, but it’s always best to ask before you start “vaping”.

6.  No Fire Risk.

It stands to reason that there’s an element of risk involved in any activity that requires you to set fire to something, and smoking cigarettes is no exception. Cigarettes end up causing house fires, people injure themselves while smoking or trying to light cigarettes, and it’s extremely dangerous to leave matches or lighters in the vicinity of children! I can vouch that I was quite the little fire bug in my younger days and it wasn’t long before I was rumbled. And boy was I in trouble.

7.  E Cigarettes are a More Flexible Alternative.

E cigarettes offer a flexibility that you simply won’t find in the traditional variety. You can just switch cartridges for a different flavor or strength without having to waste anything. This just isn’t possible with traditional cigarettes. So if you’ve started a tobacco cartridge, and suddenly decide you fancy some menthol instead, you don’t have to chuck the e-cig away like you would a traditional cigarette. How COOL is that?

8.  Increased Well Being, Peace of Mind and Freedom

Like I said before, I’m not a scientist and I’m not allowed to make any claims regarding the health benefits of electronic cigarettes. However, what I can say is that traditional cigarettes contain tar and around 4,000 chemicals, some of which are known carcinogens. Around 400,000 people die each year from tobacco related deaths, and that’s just in the USA. Worldwide the estimated figure is in excess of 10 million people. I’ll let those statistics speak for themselves.

9.  Unexpected Benefits….

And now for a few unexpected benefits I’ve noticed since I changed over to e cigs:

  • I’ve actually saved money on dry cleaning, clothes stay fresher for longer without that awful stale cigarette smell.
  • Smoking ages you, and I now look younger, my skin is clearer and I look healthier. So watch out ladies!
  • No more accidental cigarette burns on clothes, carpets and furniture.

10.  E Cigarettes can be NICOTINE FREE.

If you’re looking for a nicotine free e cig you’ll not be disappointed either. You can still enjoy the flavours, sensations and all the pleasure of smoking e cigarettes without the nicotine. Just stick to the non addictive 0 mg NICOTINE FREE cartridges.


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