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 As the writer of this electronic cigarette review blog I’ve been trying to uncover new ways for consumers to save money on e cigarettes. There are so many electronic cigarettes out there to pick from, but the Bull Smoke electronic cigarette brand has truly reinvented the rules of the game. The Bull Smoke electronic cigarette brand is a newcomer, but it is growing rapidly and quickly becoming popular. It is already getting a lot of positive feedback. So, to keep up with the growing industry, I felt a Bull Smoke review was in order.

This 2 piece design electronic cigarette is very close to the real thing in terms of the shape, color and size. Normally their kits are priced at $59, but they often offer a huge price cut and interesting promotions. Another great thing is that Bull Smoke gives you Rewards Points for each purchase which can be redeemed for cartridges and accessories. Moreover, each purchase earns 10% cash back towards future purchases.

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 Bull Smoke offers two starter kits. The first is called “City Slicker” which is designed for smokers who prefer a flavored cartridge. The second is called “Ranch Hand” which is aimed at those who are looking for electronic cigarettes that are simply a substitute for tobacco cigarettes. Both electronic cigarette starter kits contain different accessories and more importantly, a variety of flavored cartridges, which ensures that each kit offers something different to new electronic cigarette vapers.

The refill cartridges are available in 5 different nicotine levels.

  • 24 mg = comparable to “non-filters”
  • 16 mg = comparable to “full flavored”
  • 12 mg = comparable to “lights”
  • 6 mg = comparable to “ultra-lights”
  • 0 mg = cartridges with flavor but contain no nicotine at all 

The Ranh Hand Kit contains everything you need to start vaping. 

  • 2 Rechargeable Batteries
  • 10 Cartridges
  • 1 USB Charger and 1 Wall Adaptor
  • Special Travel Case
  • User guide

*30 Day Money Back Guarantee and Replacement Warranty

FREE Shipping on all orders of $175 or more

It comes with three types of tobacco cartridges that have the same taste of various tobacco blends:

  • 5x Old West (Classic Virginia taste) – (24mg, 16mg, 12mg, 6mg, 0mg)
  • 3x Texas Tobacco (Full bodied Western flavor) – (24mg, 16mg, 12mg)
  • 2x Ranger (“Tastes like Marlboro) – (24mg, 16mg)

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The City Slicker kit contains three tobacco blends as well as 7 other flavors sold in the 16 mg strength. The flavors include menthol, coffee, vanilla, grape, cherry, apple and chocolate. As I have mentioned in other reviews I’m not a huge fan of the fruity kinds, but I had to test at least few of them. The taste of vanilla, menthol and grape was really pleasant and not overpowering. I haven’t tried the other flavours just yet.

Needless to say, each cartridge comes in a pharmaceutical grade blister pack which is tightly sealed and has no expiration date. The battery lasts anywhere from 3 hours to 3 days depending on you and how much you smoke. There is a low battery indicator that signals when the battery is getting low in power.

Bull smoke electronic cigarettes claim “More vapor. No bull.” It means that keeping things simple was a goal of this newly launched electronic cigarette brand. Their unforgettable logo reminds me of the Old West. Those who want to be able to control every aspect of their smoking experience will definitely want to consider getting some of these cartridges. They look like a filter on a normal cigarette, so you won’t have to worry about a completely unrealistic design. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this brand to anyone looking to buy vapor cigarettes.







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It is a pretty good deal compared to other e-cig brands.  What’s great about this starter pack is that it includes three ways for you to charge your cigarette batteries. People have been complaining that the battery packs don’t last very long.  To avoid any issues with your batteries remember to charge batteries completely before the first use, same goes with the charging pack.

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Jan 162012

I found this brand about 4 months ago and decided to test it out of curiosity. The Premium Electronic Cigarette is not the best that I’ve tried, but I can confidently say that it deserves to be reviewed just like all the other brands I have found on the market. The Premium Electronic Cigarette consists of only 2 components and it is designed to be about the same size as normal cigarette. I liked the fact that they offer cigarettes in a bunch of different colors. They even have “customizable skins” for the batteries that come with little designs on them. Needless to say, I didn’t get as much vapor from them as I did with my Green Smoke Kit, but I also paid less and it satisfies my nicotine cravings.

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Premium Electronic Cigarette is based in Virginia Beach, the company currently offer more than 20 different flavors including Irish cream, vanilla, apple cherry, pear, strawberry, caramel, cola, coffee, chocolate and red energy. Many new flavors are being continuously added and o my favorites are the recent additions of the rum, whiskey and tequila flavors.
So let’s talk about Premium electronic cigarettes starter kits. The company offers 9 different starter kits options. They range from small travel kits to large home kits and include everything that you will need to get started. On-The-Go comes with a carrying case that has a built in battery. It charges your electronic cigarette battery without it having to be connected to a power source

The company makes a number of starter kits for heavy and light smokers, mainly differentiated by the size and number of cigarette-style batteries included. The most popular is the PR110. The cost of this kit is $79.95 and here is what is included in it:

  • 2 batteries
  • 6 cartridge/atomizers (250 puffs per cartridge )
  • 1 AC wall adaptor and 1 USB charger
  • Users Manual

Limited 90-day replacement warranty and 30-day, money-back guarantee.

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The shipment reached me fairly quickly by USPS and everything was completely hassle-free.
Heavy smokers typically order the PR111 kit. The only difference here is that the PR111 has a longer lasting battery than the PR110 and its cost is a bit higher, namely $89.95.
Premium also sells disposable electronic cigarettes for $10.99 which is equivalent to about three packs of traditional cigarettes. The disposable model is ready to be used instantly and I think it may be a good way to go if you just want to try it out. Along with that, they have the electronic pipe and electronic cigar so that no tobacco smoker need feel left out.
My conclusion – I f you are someone who likes to accessorize or have everything customized from head to toe, Premium Electronic Cigarettes may tickle your fancy.





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Jan 052012

To be honest I was really excited when I was asked to review the Smoke Tip electronic cigarette. I wanted to know how and why this fairly new brand of electronic cigarette has already managed to create a loyal band of followers. I kept hearing that the Smoke Tip compared well to Green Smoke; my favorite brand of electronic cigarette and this is another reason for my interest.

Their starter kit is very reasonably priced at $59.95. I was surprised to learn that there is only one Smoke Tip starter kit, as I am used to having several options. However I was impressed with the number of cartridges that came with the Smoke Tip starter kit, as they are usually only two or three in a kit. The Smoke Tip kit had six cartridges. In addition to the cartridges you also get two batteries, two chargers, instruction manual and can also choose to have the package gift boxed.

When you order the Smoke Tip starter kit, you get all of the items below:    2 rechargeable batteries

  •     6 disposable flavor cartridges offered in regular or menthol (each cartridge is equal to about 1.25 packs of traditional cigarettes)
  •     1 wall adapter and 1 usb charger
  •     1 instruction card
  •     A nice gift box packaging

* all orders are shipped FREE of charge, and there is 30 day money back guarantee.

I ordered my kit with the 16mg regular flavor (it actually does taste like a cig). I’ve been using the same cartridge for several hours and vapor production as well as throat hit is still the same as when I screwed it on. I’m not going to lie; it doesn’t produce as much vapor as Green Smoke or taste as good as The Safe Cig, but it’s good quality and worth the price. I’d like to mention that Smoke Tip has really speedy shipping. I had my kit in about three days. That’s fast considering I only ordered it on Saturday.

Though I am a critical reviewer I am going to say that Smoke Tip is an economical choice for an electronic cigarette, but that doesn’t mean that their product is cheaply made!





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Dec 252011

I’ve bought several e-cigarette brands over the past couple of years, but my favourite brand is Green Smoke e cigarettes. It is one of the oldest electronic cigarette companies around today and was also my first electronic cigarette. Green Smoke have never failed to impress me over the years. I first started using Green Smoke in December of 2009. This was around the time that I started this e cigarette review blog, so here is my sort of long-term Green Smoke review…

Green Smoke starter kit costs $129.99 and here is that it includes:

  • 1 Long Rechargeable Electric Cigarette Battery
  • 1 Short Rechargeable Electric Cigarette Battery
  • 1 USB Cigarette
  • 1 USB Home Charger Kit (USB charger & wall adapter)
  • 10 Full Flavored FlavorMax™ Nicotine Cartomizers

* free shipping and a limited 1-year warranty that covers defects in material and workmanship.

This is also the only company that I have found that has a 30 money back guarantee no questions asked. I have only had to deal with customer service once so far and that was due to a mistake on my part when ordering new cartridges. They handled the problem quickly and to my satisfaction.

They may cost more than most of the other electronic cigarette brands out there, but it’s worth every penny. I can see why people are willing to pay a little extra for Green Smoke e-cigarettes. They have become popular for their vapor quantity, multitude of flavors and convenient two-piece design. Almost all the e-cigarettes currently available on the market rely on a three-piece design consisting of a battery, an atomizer, and a cartridge. Green Smoke e-cigarettes use a revolutionary two-piece design consisting of just a battery and a cartridge. Each e-cig cartridge comes with its own brand new disposable atomizer. They look, feel and taste almost exactly like a real cigarette (except the weight), so you really have no excuse not to take the plunge. In addition to this, each cartridge comes with as much nicotine as a pack and a half of cigarettes. With Green Smoke, you get enough nicotine to take 400 puffs, minimum, off your e-cigarette.

A lot has changed since I began using my Green Smoke Starter Kit. They originally started out by importing their product from China, but lately they have moved their manufacturing to the USA and reinvested their profit into research and development. This created a number of enhancement releases to the e cigarette market and now they have perfected both the batteries and the cartridges. They have a lower defect rate in their product and almost never run out of stock on their items.

The company is now selling disposable e-cigarettes. This brand new e-cigarette kit known as Green Smoke Vapors can be obtained for just $57.99 and contains the following items:

  • 6 Green Smoke® Vapors™ disposable electronic cigarette
  • Each Vapors™ is comparable to 1.5 packs of cigarettes
  • No Charging Required
  • No Cigarette Odors or Ash
  • Available in Absolute Tobacco and Menthol Ice Flavors
  • It is and affordable way to test out the Green Smoke brand before purchasing a starter kits.

If you’re interested in trying out the Green Smoke brand, I encourage you to do so. The company itself is totally legitimate as they are not a fly-by-night company and continues to grow.


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Dec 162011

blucigs logoIt’s to be expected that beginners will come up with a lot of questions concerning vapor cigarettes. Which is the best electronic cigarette to get started with? This question frequently pops and I don’t blame folks for asking.  The best I’ve found so far is the Blue Cigs electronic cigarette brand. The Blu Cigs starter kit is really good value and compared to another e cig products I have used it is cheaper to “run”. Typically other brands tend to charge from $90.00 to $120.00 per starter kit. I paid $79.95 and here is what I got:



  • 2 cigarette batteries
  • 5-pack of flavored cartridges in the flavor and strength of your choice
  • 1 pack that will hold your cigarettes and charge your batteries on the go
  • 1 wall charger and 1USB charger
  • 30 day money back guarantee and a one year warranty

free USPS priority mail shipping

The dimension of the Blu Cig when assembled is approximately 3.4 inches long and 0.19 inches wide. The manufacturer recently re-engineered their e cig into a 2-piece design combining the atomizer and flavored cartridge. Blu Cig lights up blue when one inhales, rather than producing an orange glow as most other e-cigs do. All flavors are exclusively made in Wisconsin, USA by Johnson Creek in their FDA registered facility. A cartridge can last for about 250 puffs depending on the habits of the user. Refill cartridges are $12 for a pack of 5.


It is a pretty good deal compared to other e-cig brands. What’s great about this starter pack is that it includes three ways for you to charge your cigarette batteries. People have been complaining that the battery packs don’t last very long. To avoid any issues with your batteries remember to charge batteries completely before the first use, same goes with the charging pack.

blucigs ecigarette








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