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This blog, as you already know, is all about giving my readers the best advice and electronic cigarette reviews. Sure I advertise on this blog, but only the best e cigs get to make an appearance. While I’m no scientist, I do have plenty of personal experience of ‘vaping’ on electronic cigarettes and it’s my mission to bring this wealth of acquired knowledge to you!

Switching to electronic cigarettes is a smart choice period. If you’re reading this I don’t need to lecture you about how there are thousands of harmful chemicals in traditional cigarettes. That’s a given. You instantly made an intelligent choice the moment you decided to jettison the evil weed. But aside from that, is there any evidence to suggest that electronic cigarettes can make you smarter?

Nicotine, Intelligence and Memory

Now, I’m not about to write a post to pander to the ego’s of all e cig users. You know; the kind of post that tells you how smart you are because you smoke e cigarettes and then goes on to say ‘buy some now’. However, did you know that some studies have shown that nicotine could have a positive effect on concentration and memory?

As I write, scientists are busy synthesising nicotine and researching ways of using these chemicals to treat various diseases. It was discovered, during research, that intelligence and memory was boosted in laboratory animals when they were given nicotine. Don’t get me wrong, I feel sorry for the little laboratory critters, but the results were fascinating none the less.

Professor Stoleman’s Rats – Yes, This is totally Relevant to This Post!

Professor Ian Stoleman, from the Institute of Psychiatry, King’s College in London conducted studies that have shown that nicotine actually improved the performance of rats in memory and intelligence tests.

According to Professor Stoleman; many of the substances that we know as drugs have a variety of both harmful and beneficial effects. This includes nicotine. When Stoleman and his colleagues began their studies ten years ago, they never imagined that nicotine could prove to be so beneficial for cognitive function. They found that when rats were given small doses of nicotine, they showed improvements in their memory and intelligence when performing certain tests.

So what were these tests? Stoleman and members of his team trained these animals to respond to quick flashes of light. When the light flashed, the rats had to stand in a certain area of their cage. The majority of rats who got it right received a reward in the form of a tasty treat. Stoleman advised that they had a success rate of 80%. Now this is the interesting part; the rat’s success rate rose by 5% when they were given small doses of nicotine.

But What about Concentration?

Stoleman conducted the test again, but this time there was a lot of background noise. Loud levels of background noise can be extremely distracting as we all know. The rats clearly thought so too. The rat’s performance on this test fell to just 50% with loud distracting background noises. However, once they were given nicotine their success rate rose to 80%.

Funnily Enough, Nicotine has Similar Effects on People Too

Stoleman and his team discovered that nicotine actually boosts the brain’s functioning when it comes to concentration and memory. Other studies have shown that nicotine can make a person’s brain up to 30% more efficient. Positive effects include prolonged periods of concentration and being more alert. We can all relate to the fact that a hit of nicotine seems to make a complicated or even a tedious task seem much easier.

Unfortunately traditional cigarettes contain harmful substances such as tar and carbon monoxide. If you switch smokeless cigarettes you can still have the nicotine. You won’t have the negative side of tobacco to deal with though. No more smelling of stale smoke, worrying about being antisocial or the health implications. Vapor cigarettes are the sensible choice for those who want to enjoy the benefits of tobacco while cutting out harmful chemicals from traditional cigarettes.

Could Electronic Cigarettes Increase Productivity at work?

E-cigs could even increase your productivity at work. Some employers will allow their staff to vape while working. This can prevent the loss of concentration that many people experience with nicotine withdrawal in the work place. In fact, in professions where safety is a concern, e-cigarettes could save lives. For example; lorry drivers in the United Kingdom cannot legally smoke in their cabs. Loss of concentration on a motorway could kill! A driver could vape and legally have his nicotine hit, but without putting himself and others in danger.

A word of warning though; it is best to check with your boss first before you go ahead and vape on your electronic cigarette in the office. Some electron

ic cigarette brands can look very similar to the real thing. I have heard of people firing up their e cig only to be mobbed by the anti smoking brigade! So, it’s worth explaining to people how e cigarettes work and that you are NOT actually smoking before you start vaping.

Great Smokers throughout History

In fact, many of the greatest minds have been smokers. The iconic Sir Winston Churchill has often been pictured puffing on a cigar. Yes, cigar flavoured cartridges are also available. Interestingly enough, Albert Einstein, Thomas Edison and Franklin D Roosevelt were also known to have been tobacco smokers.

If these people were alive today they would probably seek out the very best electronic cigarettes and vape away to their heart’s content! There are plenty of reviews for the best e cig kits including the best electronic cigarette starter kits here. You will only find honest reviews on this blog. If there are pros and cons to a brand I will list them, because this is not a sales pitch.

Electronic Cigarettes are the smart choice for any smoker. It’s just a matter of finding an electronic cigarette brand and model that works for you.

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  12 Responses to “Could Electronic Cigarettes Make You More Intelligent?”

  1. I always knew that e cig smokers were an intelligent bunch and now your blog has just confirmed this!

    It’s safe to say that smokers are in good company. I think you’re right when you say that the great minds in history would have been e cig smokers. I can imagine Einstein being a fan of the menthol cartridges! Winston Churchill would have smoked the cigar flavored ones obviously.

    I hear Marilyn Munro was a smoker, I think she would have gone for the vanilla or cherry flavors.

    • I think she would have liked the cherry ones for sure. She might have been beautiful, but that doesn’t mean that she wasn’t a smart lady.

      We can all congratulate ourselves I think. Vapers have definitely made a smart choice. Also, I really do notice how difficult it can be to concentrate when you need a cigarette. Having one isn’t often possible these days. That’s why e cigs rule.

  2. l think e cigs are awesome. I started vaping 5 months ago and gave up analogs completely, I’ve saved roughly $900…I think that makes me very smart! The bonus is I can vape anywhere!!!

  3. I’ve been thinking about making the switch for months and you guys all make it seem like a good idea! Are you saving money compared to cigarettes?

  4. Ecigs can save you a lot of cash mcRosa, even with the lowest cost tobacco cigarettes, you can easily save over $1200 each year by choosing electronic cigarettes.

  5. The longer you vape, the more you save. The start-up costs of getting a kit and figuring out what method of vaping and which flavors of juice you like are going to skew the costs. Problem is there’s so much variety that it keeps us trying new things. If you do that then no it won’t save you anything but still worth it no matter what you spend

  6. Vaping vs analog has the potential to save a lot of money in comparison. The more important thing for me have been the improvements to my health and you can’t put a price on that!

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