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Smokers who attempt to quit can often find themselves plagued by pitfalls and temptations, myself included.  There are now many smoking cessation products available, but none of them are a magic wand. Many people find themselves returning to the clutches of the evil weed time and time again.

Nicotine Replacement Therapy – What Health Professionals Won’t Tell You

Let me share a personal story here.  Before I discovered electronic cigarettes, like many, I was able to stop smoking traditional cigarettes for a while using Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT).  After a couple of weeks on the patches, I decided to start on the gum because the urge to smoke was so strong. Despite the nicotine, I still missed the sensation of smoking and the gum was a substitute. Besides, I was worried that I was replacing cigarettes with food!

Now, eight months later I was still chewing the gum. People say that smoking is a disgusting habit, but constantly chewing gum is not very nice either. I was becoming increasingly worried about my nicotine gum habit, not to mention the fact that the gum isn’t exactly cheap. After some Googling I discovered on internet forums, that there were plenty of people just like me who had fallen foul of this trap. This was one of the reasons I decided to turn to smokeless cigarettes. Besides being excellent value for money, if you enjoy smoking and want to have that nicotine hit, you might as well ‘vape’ instead of chewing gum.

Cold Turkey

Again, I have experienced the trauma and pain of this method. Even the strongest of wills can break under this kind of pressure. We all know how harmful traditional cigarettes can be, but the withdrawal symptoms can still get the better of you. It is far better to vape on an e cig than to pollute your lungs or suffer the pains of withdrawal.

What about Smoking Cessation Drugs?

In all honesty, I can’t say that I have any experience here. But, what I can tell you is that these are not an easy way out. Although it’s nice to think that we can pop a pill to end addiction to traditional cigarettes, but deep down most of us probably know that life just isn’t that simple. In fact, the nicotine itself is not what causes cancer in smokers. Nobody could deny that it is an addictive substance as well as being a stimulant. However, it is the chemicals, carbon monoxide and tar found in traditional cigarettes that does the real damage. One of the things I love about smokeless cigarettes is that this just isn’t an issue. Since I discovered e cigs I have been working tirelessly to bring people the very best electronic cigarette reviews.

Some people just want to be free from this addiction, and that is understandable. There are drugs available on the market for those who are looking to vanquish their addiction to traditional cigarettes and nicotine. Unfortunately these drugs have some deeply unpleasant, dangerous and sometimes fatal side effects as we will see:


Chantix (varenicline) has been the subject of many studies. According to Dr. Sonal Singh, who is an assistant professor of general internal medicine at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, Chantix can contribute to raising the risks of heart problems. This includes both heart attacks as well as irregular heartbeats.

More sinister still is the potential negative impact of Chantix upon mental health. A ‘black box’ warning was placed on Chantix in 2009, by the FDA. Researchers found that the use of this drug can lead to an increased risk of suicide. In addition to this a whole host of other problems such as depression and hostility can also be caused by Chantix.


This is also known as Wellbutrin or Bupropion. This drug was also subject to a ‘black box’ warning imposed by the FDA in 2009. Yet again, this drug can cause serious mental health problems in some patients. Although Zyban carries less risk than Chantix, this is certainly something to consider if you are prone to depression or anxiety. People who use this drug often complain of feeling dopey, spaced out and forgetful.

Are Electronic Cigarettes a Good Alternative?

So, what are we to make of all this? In my opinion some of these side effects and potential problems of many traditional smoking cessation methods are simply not worth the hassle. If like many others, you enjoy the sensation and nicotine hit of smoking, there is a credible alternative. Electronic cigarettes do not produce tar; only water vapour. This is why smoking e cigs is known as ‘vaping’. Smokeless cigarette users don’t have to worry about inhaling tar and other hazardous substances.

Some e cig fans have also started off on the highest strength cartridges and reduced the dose gradually. After a while they are able to switch completely to the nicotine free cartridges. There are a variety of flavoured e cigarette cartridges available such as mint, fruit flavours, chocolate and tobacco, of course. This certainly makes it easier to cut down on the nicotine.

You can read my reviews of the best electronic cigarette brands on this blog. I am passionate about bring the benefits of electronic cigarettes to as many people as possible. There are all sorts of electronic cigarette starter kits available, as well as kits for the seasoned ‘vaper’. I don’t just review any old product, I only want to give my readers the best e cig reviews and this involves discernment. Only the best products are reviewed on this blog!

If people are losing the battle to quit traditional cigarettes, e cigarettes certainly provide a more healthful alternative to the dreaded weed. They do not cause dangerous side effects unlike some smoking cessation drugs. I have never heard of anyone feeling depressed after an e-cig, quite the opposite in fact!

  13 Responses to “Dangers and drawbacks of conventional smoking cessation compared to e-cigarettes”

  1. Going cold turkey is soooo difficult 🙁 Why do that to yourself? The idea of taking Champx or Zyban firightens be because of the side effects. E cigarettes do seem like the best option. I actually enjoy smoking too and there is nothing like a cup of tea and a fag – that’s cigarette to the British 😉

    • I tried everything to from gum and patches to pills and I can honestly say that e cigs are the only thing I’ve found to keep me off of the tobacco. My favourite brand is Greensmoke, but they might not necessarily be the best brand for you.
      Some people decide to try one of the disposable e cigarettes before they take the plunge so to speak. That’s always an option. In fact, I’m sure that I already read that you were thinking about trying the disposable Greensmoke Vapor. Happy vaping.

  2. You have nothing to lose by starting vaping. Analogues have no place in my life any longer. Don’t think about it, just do it. Read some reviews and talk to other vapers. It might take you a few attempts before you find the right kit for you but it will be worth it. I promise 🙂

    • Thanks for your input. That’s wise advice indeed. I always tell people that there isn’t a kit that suits everyone. It depends on what you’re after. I think we can spend too long agonising over what’s best for us, but in the case of e cigs I always suggest that people should just grab the bull by the horns.

  3. I just had to chip in here. Take it from someone who has actually used Zyban, you don’t want to touch this drug. It made me feel confused and the brain fog was terrible. Then there were the palpitations, elevated heart rate and the sweats.

    I know there are plenty of people who don’t get these side effects, but why risk it. E cigs are a very credible alternative to the analogue cigarettes and you’re not taking a mystery drug that could cause you serious harm.

  4. I have not tried chantix but heard it is not a good idea, can cause worse depression or suicidalness. I know, quitting is hard. But the reality is that until a person is reay to quit, and by that I mean, done with smoking altogether, a person will have very little success heedless of the remedy. That’s just a fact. Even if the pill works in the short term, the longer term will likely have you back lighting up again at some point. Using e cigarettes it is more easy to stop smoking by overcoming the psychological dependence on tobacco and the physical addiction to nicotine.

  5. Thanks for writing such an informative post Alex. It’s very important that people are made aware of the dangers of drugs like Chantix. I never managed to stay stopped with patches and gum either. Do you guys have the inhalators over there? I even tried one of them and I felt pretty silly although I could use it at work. What you said about being addicted to the gum is more common than people think and I know of two people who have gone through that. A lot of money for companies who make smoking cessation products I think.

    As Truly says, you have to be ready to quit, you can’t just make a half hearted effort. But I’m hoping to stay stopped now by using e cigs.

    Keep fighting the good fight Alex, I always enjoy your blog 😀

  6. I have quit smoking for 6 months on an electronic cigarette. I can breathe better and I feel better.

  7. People who use electronic cigarettes Do Not Smoke. The Water Vapour they exhale carries no measurable risk to anyone, the vast majority of the nicotine is absorbed through the mouth before it even gets to the lungs

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