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Celebrities have embraced the e cig trend and many famous people from models to actors have been spotted ‘vaping’ in public. The elite of Hollywood and the entertainment industry are catching on quickly to e cig technology. It’s fantastic that so many people are choosing a smoke that doesn’t have the drawbacks of stinky, unhealthy and harmful traditional cigarettes.

Lindsay Lohan

Whether you love her or loathe her you simply can’t ignore this controversial starlet. This celebrity party girl is always in the news, and she doesn’t exactly have a reputation for living the clean life! However, it would appear that recently Lindsay has been making more health conscious choices, and she has been spotted smoking BLU CIG e-cigarettes.

Perhaps this is a signal that this bad girl is on her way to becoming a reformed character, I hope her recent switch to smoking e-cigs fuels her motivation for a healthier lifestyle. It would be great to see Miss Lohan put her troubled past behind her, so keep up the good work Lindsay!

Charlie Sheen

Bad boy actor and star of Two and a Half Man Charlie Sheen has taken to e-cigs. He was able to sidestep the smoking ban by using e-cigarettes. His crazy antics led to him firing up an e-cig on stage during his Violent Torpedo of Truth tour in 2011. Although this star has courted controversy on many occasions he made a wise and health conscious choice when he turned to e- cigarettes.

Charlie has been linked to Smokeless Delight e-cigs; however, he was so impressed with smokeless cigarettes that he has partnered up with a popular e-cigarette company to launch the NicoSheen brand of e-cig. Although it is rumoured that Sheen still also smokes traditional cigarettes he is known as man of excess, and perhaps this also applies to nicotine!


Kate Moss

Arguably one of the most famous supermodels in the world, this English Rose is renowned for her sizzling hot looks and her rock ‘n’ roll lifestyle. We all know that traditional cigarettes contribute to wrinkles and aging of the skin, so e-cigs will help Kate to retain her youthful appearance and model looks. It is rumoured that Kate turned to e-cigarettes after numerous attempts to quit smoking tobacco failed miserably. And while she’ll still get her nicotine kick, she has finally shaken off the chattels of the evil weed without gaining any weight. Kate Moss hasn’t disclosed her brand of choice yet, but we’re waiting with baited breath.


Leonardo DiCaprio

Dubbed the ‘smoking cyclist’ or more accurately the ‘vaping cyclist’ Leonardo is yet another celebrated actor who has embraced the e-cig habit. He was one of the first stars to cotton on to this new technology.

Back in March 2009 Leonardo DiCaprio was spotted smoking an e-cig while out cycling! While smoking a tobacco cigarette on a push bike is an unpleasant idea, a smokeless cigarette won’t fill your lungs with tar. Perhaps this is the way forward for all fitness fanatics who enjoy cigarettes but who don’t want to clog their lungs with fetid tobacco smoke.

Leonardo’s publicist has made no secret of the fact that the star partakes of the Smoke Stik brand.


Katherine Heigl

Glamorous actress Katherine Heigle is another star who has made the switch to electronic cigarettes, and she is a fan of the Smoke Stik brand. Motherhood spurred her on to make healthier choices, which naturally included giving up tobacco. A gorgeous actress like Katherine doesn’t want yellow teeth, bad skin and wrinkles! E cigarettes do not starve the skin of oxygen and cause premature aging, so we will hopefully be able to appreciate Katherine’s beauty for many years to come.

Katherine Heigl publicly endorsed e-cigarettes in September 2010 on live national television. She sung their praises on the Late Show with David Letterman while actually smoking her Smoke Stik  Hendu Elite e-cig. During a discussion about the effectiveness of Champix (smoking cessation medication), they both agreed that the medication had not been affective for Katherine. David Letterman was so curious about e cigs that he had to have a couple of ‘vapes’ on her e-cigarrette.


Johnny Depp

Heart throb and award winning actor Johnny Depp was captured smoking an e-cig on the silver screen during The Tourist. During this film Depp is shown several times ‘vaping’ on an e cigarette. Many e-cig users consider this to be a signal that ‘vaping’ in public is not only socially acceptable now, but that smoking electronic cigarettes is also mainstream. It’s worth mentioning at this point that Johnny Depp is ‘vaping’ right next to a no smoking sign during the scene on the train.

An actor being filmed publicly ‘vaping’ in a Hollywood movie is an exciting development, and it’s great that more people are finally ‘seeing the light’. Although the brand has not been confirmed, many e-cig connoisseurs have suggested that it looks like a Smokeless Delight e-cig.



These are just a few celebrities who have caught onto the benefits of e cigarettes. One thing’s for sure; e cigs are gaining popularity and we’ll see increasing numbers of cigarette smokers in the media.



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  1. What’s interesting but I have heard that Depp was vaping SmokerHaven, Solar Cigarette and Smart Smoker. So which one is true??? Most probably it was Smart Smoker from UK, as far as I know
    Smart Smoker e-cigs are widely used in the United Kingdom where Johny resides.

    • Thanks for letting me know. All I can go on is hearsay on this one. The rumour I heard was that he was vaping on a Smokeless Delight, but we don’t know for sure. Johnny Depp has always been a man of mystery.

  2. Alex you should add Britney Spears in this list, I’m glad she came to her senses and made the switch to e cigarettes. This is a wise decision.

  3. Twilight actor Robert Pattinson has reportedly taken up vaping to help him quit smoking

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