Mar 232015  Halo has been a leading e cigarette for the last few years and   one of the first of the major brands producing their all of their e-liquid inside of the United States, which was a big deal because back then most brands imported from China where there really wasn’t much quality control. Halo E-Cigarettes have a gorgeous, futuristic design and two e-cigarette models which are completely different with each other. The G6 – their ‘cig-a-like’ style model and Triton Tank model.


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To start, I ordered G6 starter Kit.  Every G6 starter Kit costs $44.99, all that changes are the colors and flavors. They currently have 13 Tobacco flavors, ranging from straight tobacco taste to tobacco flavoring mixed with fruit or dessert flavoring.  Each starter kit comes with the following:

  • two G6 batteries (automatic or manual at your choice)
  • a 5-pack of cartomizers (in the flavor and strength of your choice)
  • a USB charger
  • a wall charger
  • a leather case

The kit arrived in a classy leather case instead of the usual cardboard box you’ll just throw away. I was really impressed with the gorgeous packaging which looks like a fine jewelry case. Halo G6 us made of a metallic material, but holding one is still comfortable, as the e-cig has a rubber coverage that makes it feel somewhat soft. I went with the Turkish tobacco and Midnight apple flavor. The Turkish tobacco flavor is excellent and reminds me of the taste of American Spirit cigarettes. The Midnight green apple flavor is a bit candy-like, but combined with the tobacco flavor it works really well without a lot of sweetness. I think this is an e-liquid pipe smokers would definitely like. Throat hit and flavor are excellent in all regards and consistent. Compared to other top brands, Halo held its own on battery power. I tested a mid-rage 650 mAh battery. It lasted almost whole day before I needed to re-charge. That’s awesome! I was very pleased with the performance of Halo e-cigarettes. The G6 starter kit satisfies the needs of beginner vapors and Halo Triton is an excellent solution for anyone who is ready for a more robust vaping device.

Overall, Halo cigs may not be the cheapest electronic cigarette on the E-cigarettes market, but it is definitely the best looking and superior quality e-cigarette.


Click Here To Visit The Official Site


Vizit Halo e cigs site

Vizit Halo e cigs site


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  6 Responses to “Halo e cigs Review.”

  1. I’m one of those smokers that inhales deeply and holds the smoke for a long time. Halo is so far the best mini e-cig that I’ve tried.

  2. Great review Alex! Do you know where I can buy Halo e cigs in Dubai?

  3. Unfortunately you will not be able to buy Halo in Dubai. E-cigarettes were banned in the United Arab Emirates. The UAE government thinks e-cigs are more dangerous than the real cigarette. Absurdity!

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