Jun 242012

It’s always amusing to see people’s reactions when they see someone vaping in public for the first time. E cigs have gotten a lot of publicity in the last couple of years, but there are loads of people who’ve never actually seen one in the flesh.

We all know how some electronic cigarettes can look quite a lot like analogues right? This can be the source of some confusion to non-vapers. It’s also a never ending source of amusement to me. Maybe I just have a cruel sense of humour, but I have grown to love the look of shock and outrage on an anti-smoker’s face as you get your e-cig out in a public place. Even better is the sheepish expression on their faces as you explain that you’re not actually smoking a real cigarette!

Needless to say, I couldn’t wait to get mine out in public. I know what you’re thinking, but I’m actually talking about my trusty electronic cigarette! It was almost as though a world of new possibilities had opened up to me. Obviously my wife was delighted. She had been going crazy trying to get me to quit. At the time I was pretty ticked off with her threats, but I guess I was in a river in Egypt (in denial). Now I understand that she just didn’t want to lose me. She needed me to be there for her and our sons. I was equally as delighted that I could live a long, prosperous and healthy life with my family.

But I digress. My electronic cigarette starter kit had arrived and I was eager to road test it. During the last few years of my analogue smoking I had felt increasingly persecuted and I’m not just talking about my wife. I remember a time when you could light up a smoke in a restaurant after a good meal. Not anymore though. Smokers have become sad social lepers these days and they are now people to be ridiculed and segregated. I mean, look at the way poor smokers end up huddled together in their little smoking spot. They look kinda guilty, as if they’re doing something that’s a bit naughty.

Now, even a smoker knows that smoking is not the best habit a person can have, but I don’t think that people who have never smoked analogues can understand the powerful addiction.

There’s a way to have the pleasure without the pain though and that’s why I decided to take the plunge and start on the e cigarettes. It was funny, because I hadn’t even considered that vaping in public was going to be one of the major plus points.

My vaping debut occurred when me and the wife had our weekly date night at a local bar. E cig in hand; I proceeded to vape. Imagine my amusement when a young lady at a nearby table shot an evil look my way. She then put her hand up to her mouth and started making loud (and obviously fake) coughing noises. Her friend also glanced over and the look on her face could have only been described as priceless! It’s not often that you see such a look of utter horror on a person’s face.  I mean, anyone would have thought I was sitting at the table with my beer whilst clubbing a baby seal to death!

I knew what was going on straightaway. No, I hadn’t attracted this female attention with my animal magnetism and finely honed body. It was clear that they thought I had just blatantly lit up an analogue!

My wife ,by now, was  looking a little disgruntled and this is never a good thing. I wasn’t about to let my e cigs spoil our date night and I quickly went over to the young ladies and explained that I wasn’t actually smoking. I showed them the e cig and explained how it worked and their frowning faces softened instantly. Maybe it was the sight of me engaged in an enthusiastic conversation with a couple of young lovelies, but my wife came over to join in the banter!

To cut a long story short; my e cig proved to be quite the conversation starter and my lovely wife and I even joined the girls for a drink before returning to our table. One thing I have found is that non-smokers nearly always end up accepting the fact that electronic cigarettes are a healthy and socially acceptable alternative to the old analogues. Even if they think you’re committing the eighth deadly sin of smoking in public at first, a quick explanation clears things up. Of course, there will always be the occasional person who even objects to electronic cigarettes, but generally they are the sort of people who have a problem with just about everything!

I’ve noticed that more and more people seem to have seen the light. Electronic cigarette smokers are popping up everywhere and that’s no surprise considering the fact that you can vape just about anywhere. So until next time, remember that if people give you the evil eye when you start to vape in public, it’s only because they need educating in the ways of the e cig.

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  10 Responses to “My First Public E-Cig”

  1. I vape openly anywhere I go, so far I haven’t had anyone hassle me but have had a lot of people come up and ask me about it, so on and so forth, but just curious people trying to figure it out. Maybe I’ve just been lucky, but vaping for 4 months now and in public places, I have never been asked to stop.

  2. I wonder if I can smoke an electric cigarette inside airport terminals?

  3. I vape in airports all the time without problems. Only once a security guard came up to me and said that I could not smoke inside. I explained that I was using a vaporizer and he backed off.

  4. E-cigarettes are absolutely fine to bring in carry on luggage or in your handbag. Most airlines have banned their use during flights though.

  5. I vape at work, in the office but haven’t really vaped much in other places like stores. I believe as people learn more and more about vaping, it will become more socially accepted. Rule of thumb: don’t vape anywhere you wouldn’t smoke.

  6. I have done a few thing in public that I should have been embarrassed about. But vapeing isn’t one of them 😉

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