Jun 242012

Now today I have another funny story for you.  One of the many joys of being an electronic cigarette ‘vaper’ is the fact that you get to convert analogue smokers. In fact, I’m always ready to spread the love and acquire some good karma. Aside from my beautiful wife and twins, there’s nothing I love more than showing smokers ‘the light’.

My younger sister started smoking soon after I did and in some ways I blame myself for not having set a better example to her. Still, we were both too young to know any better. Being older and wiser now, I was concerned about her still smoking analogues when I discovered e cigarettes.

Until a couple of months ago sis was what I can only describe as a die hard smoker.  Breakfast for her consisted of a smoke and a cup of espresso. Not a healthful start to the day, as I’m sure you would agree! Sure she had tried to quit on more than one occasion, but my sister is a social butterfly and a couple of glasses of wine at a party would be enough to put an end to her good intentions.

The first time I got my e cig out in front of her and started vaping she laughed so much I thought she was going to fall over. After ripping me mercilessly I offered her a go. I had to admit that I was disappointed when she spurned my Greensmoke. At the time I resolved that I would bring her round eventually.

Now, my sis was a single gal, she had a high powered job, but nobody to share her life with. When I bumped into her at a mutual friend’s barbeque with good friend of mine I could instantly see the chemistry between them. They really hit it off. Unfortunately, my buddy is a health nut who likes to keep fit and he expects his women to be just as dedicated to clean living as he is. He didn’t twig that dear old sis was a smoker. Maybe it was the aroma of burgers masking the smell of cigarette smoke on her clothes, but he was oblivious to my sister’s secret. Later that evening he asked for her number!

Later that week when my sister called round I explained to her that the smokes might prove to be a deal breaker. Laughing it off, she told me not to worry about her and left to get ready for a double date with my friend, myself and my lovely wife.

We had decided to all go for a meal before catching a movie. At some point between the starter and main course sis was becoming increasingly agitated. On the way out she cornered me. She practically begged me for a quick vape on my e-cig. She was that desperate to conceal her unhealthy habit from her date. Now, she didn’t have to ask me twice, I was more than happy to help out a family member. Getting to play Cupid was pretty awesome too and I was determined to do everything I could to get my sis and my buddy together! I popped a fresh filter in and told my sister to get stuck in.

So, my sis had her very first vape while stood outside the restaurant waiting for a cab. Her date didn’t bat an eyelid since he was already used to my vaping. As you can imagine, he had already heard my sermon about the benefits of e cigarettes many times before! In fact, I think he was pretty impressed when I explained that my sister had quit smoking and switched to e cigarettes like my good self.

Ever since then my sis has been a loyal vaper! I’m also happy to tell you that her and my buddy are still together and they are very much in love. Not long after that fateful night, my sister bought her first Greensmoke starter kit and she has never looked back. I think it’s safe to say that things could have worked out very different if she had lit up an analogue while we stood outside that restaurant. Please check out the electronic cigarette starter kit reviews on my site if you’re a newcomer to the e cigarette scene.  Hopefully you can find the best e-cig kit for you. Even if you’ve been vaping for a while it’s worth comparing the best electronic cigarette brands for offers and new products.

So until next time….

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