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I found this brand about 4 months ago and decided to test it out of curiosity. The Premium Electronic Cigarette is not the best that I’ve tried, but I can confidently say that it deserves to be reviewed just like all the other brands I have found on the market. The Premium Electronic Cigarette consists of only 2 components and it is designed to be about the same size as normal cigarette. I liked the fact that they offer cigarettes in a bunch of different colors. They even have “customizable skins” for the batteries that come with little designs on them. Needless to say, I didn’t get as much vapor from them as I did with my Green Smoke Kit, but I also paid less and it satisfies my nicotine cravings.

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Premium Electronic Cigarette is based in Virginia Beach, the company currently offer more than 20 different flavors including Irish cream, vanilla, apple cherry, pear, strawberry, caramel, cola, coffee, chocolate and red energy. Many new flavors are being continuously added and o my favorites are the recent additions of the rum, whiskey and tequila flavors.
So let’s talk about Premium electronic cigarettes starter kits. The company offers 9 different starter kits options. They range from small travel kits to large home kits and include everything that you will need to get started. On-The-Go comes with a carrying case that has a built in battery. It charges your electronic cigarette battery without it having to be connected to a power source

The company makes a number of starter kits for heavy and light smokers, mainly differentiated by the size and number of cigarette-style batteries included. The most popular is the PR110. The cost of this kit is $79.95 and here is what is included in it:

  • 2 batteries
  • 6 cartridge/atomizers (250 puffs per cartridge )
  • 1 AC wall adaptor and 1 USB charger
  • Users Manual

Limited 90-day replacement warranty and 30-day, money-back guarantee.

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The shipment reached me fairly quickly by USPS and everything was completely hassle-free.
Heavy smokers typically order the PR111 kit. The only difference here is that the PR111 has a longer lasting battery than the PR110 and its cost is a bit higher, namely $89.95.
Premium also sells disposable electronic cigarettes for $10.99 which is equivalent to about three packs of traditional cigarettes. The disposable model is ready to be used instantly and I think it may be a good way to go if you just want to try it out. Along with that, they have the electronic pipe and electronic cigar so that no tobacco smoker need feel left out.
My conclusion – I f you are someone who likes to accessorize or have everything customized from head to toe, Premium Electronic Cigarettes may tickle your fancy.





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  1. I’ve been using the Premium e cigarette for a month now. I ordered the starter kit that came with 2 batteries and they last a really long time. As an x-heavy smoker I can say this system is awesome and with the flavors it also have options to suit everyone. Only issue is the carts are a little more expensive than the competitors.

  2. My hubby switched to Premium Disposable e cigarettes just to try, he was not sure if he is ready to give up analogs but after a month he switched to PR110 starter kit. I tried the product too, as an occasional social drinking smoker. It is awesome! I hope this will help us kick the cig addiction

  3. I like a good cigar sometimes and recently I have also tried the Premium eletronic cigar. I think it is interesting and close to a real stogie.

  4. They worked for me.I smoked for 20 yrs and tried several times to quit but failed each time until I tried the Premium e cig and I quit smoking about 2-3 weeks later. I have not had a real cigarette in almost 2 years!!!

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