Jun 242012

I appreciate that I have visitors to coming to my blog from both sides of the pond. This is why I invited one of my online UK vaping chums to write a review. In case you haven’t heard of SKYcigs; they are one of the biggest UK e cig brands, so they are definitely worthy of a review. Now over to Rachael…

SKYcig is far and away my favourite UK electronic cigarette brand, so I was delighted when I was invited to write this SKYcig review. Being one of the leading brands in the UK electronic cigarette scene it comes highly recommended and with good reason. I often get asked if SKYcigs are any good and here is what I have to say.

If I was going to recommend an e cig starter kit to anyone it would have to be the SKYcig Starter Kit. Their kit is really good value at £49.00 and the refills start from just £8.95 for 5. SKYcig have thought of everything when it comes to their starter kit. It might not be the cheapest starter kit, but cheaper doesn’t necessarily equal better value.

When you buy the SKYCIG Starter Kit you’ll get everything you could possibly need and more:


  • One Rechargeable Case with 2 batteries and 5 slots for your cartridges
  • 2 Cigarette Batteries so you’ll always have a spare
  • A range of 5 Cartridges of assorted flavours that are the equivalent of more than 7 packs of analogues
  • A Mains Adapter with a USB charger cable
  • A handy Travel Case for all of your SKYCIG components
  • 30 day no questions asked money back guarantee and 1 year warrantee

Orders of £45.00 or more get Free Shipping

When I ordered my SKYcig starter kit, it arrived in three days, so kudos to them. They have 24 hour customer support, but I have never had to use it because I’ve never had any issues with their products. I have, however, heard fellow vapers say some very complimentary things about their customer service. There is also an extensive FAQ section on their site.

There is a great range of flavours in the Starter Kit. The 5 flavours you get are Tobacco Gold, Classic Tobacco, Menthol, Cherry and Vanilla. The vanilla and cherry aren’t everyone’s cup of tea, but I find that they actually make for a rather pleasant vaping experience and the flavours are long lasting. My favourites are the Classic Tobacco and Menthol though, as both give an excellent throat hit that ex smokers will appreciate. Considering the fact that they have a small battery they still produce plenty of vapour. I also liked the fact that SKYcigs are the same size as analogues.

SKYcig don’t offer a huge range of products and they only make one starter kit. It’s definitely a case of quality over quantity. There are three strengths of cartridges available; 18mg, 12 mg and 6 mg, so there is something for everyone. I find that I get an average of two days from each cartridge, but I would call myself a fairly light smoker. I still think this puts them up there with the best of them though.

Overall I would recommend their starter kit to anyone and I’ve mainly stuck with this brand. It’s worth paying a little extra, as they really are great value for money. I’ve never personally had any issues with SKYcigs and you don’t generally hear many people griping about them either. The general consensus of UK vapers is that this is one of the best UK based e cig brands for beginners, as well as more experienced e cig vapers.

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  7 Responses to “SKYCIG UK Review”

  1. Hi Alex,

    Im a regular smoker and what I and many others discovered in the vaping community is that those mini e cigarette starter kits are ok to get started but most full time smokers including myself usually found themselves upgrading to a more powerful electronic cigarette that provides a much better battery life.

    Personally I found the bigger e cigarette starter kits like the EGO, KINGO and 510-tank kit last much longer and produce more vapour resulting in a satisfying throat hit. I do agree however that those mini ecigarettes kits like the ones offered at skycig are great to get started if your new to vaping,however if you are a full time moderate to heavy smoker who doesn’t want to keep switching/recharging your batteries every couple of hours then I would recommend finding the bigger electronic cigarettes where the battery life last a full day. The vapour produced from those devices and the throat hit is fantastic.

  2. I just got my Skycig kit delivered today, It is really realistic and because you are actually inhaling and exhaling “smoke” you get the hit of nicotine and the satisfaction you get from having a real cigarette. I am pretty hopeful it will keep me off cigarettes.

  3. I have tried for the last 8 years to give up with patches, hypnosis and none worked for me. I am on now day 46 of using SKYCIG and have not touched a cigarette and I have saved over £350. I’ve only tried a few e-cig brands, but SKYCIG are definitely the best I’ve found. Don’t waste your money trying other brands, The flavour’s of SKYCIGs are by far the best

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