Mar 232015

Did you see ”The Tourist” With Johnny Depp? His character can be seen using vapor cigarette device during a scene with Angelina Jolie whilst travelling on a train. Generally I am not big fun of melodrama but this movie caught my attention. I was curious about the brand of e cigarette used in this movie and was really surprised to know that it was the Smart Smoker.

Smart Smoker was released on the market in 2008 and despite an increasingly competitive market has remained one of the big hitters in the industry and is still very popular in the UK.

The kit I purchased – Smart Smoker Breeze Electronic Cigarette Starter Kit (Mini) – is pocket sized. The cost of this kit is $64.23 and here is what it includes:

1x battery

1x atomizer

6x pre-set cartridges (mixed strength)

1x spare battery for e-cig

1x battery charger

1x user guide

I had my kit in about one week, not bad considering that it came from UK.

Breeze e cigarette looks like a normal cigarette, it even glows red at the end. It gives off a good amount of vapor and gives a nice feeling at the back of the throat however I’ll not advise this e-cig to be used someone who is a heavy smoker as the vapor produced with Breeze e cig may not entirely satisfy the throat hit heavy smokers are used to.

There are six different varieties of nicotine level in the Smart Smoker Cartridges – normal, medium, low and no nicotine. The other two they sent are a product of mixing the above strengths. The cartridges are renewable. Each cartridge is equal up to 10 regular cigarettes. One complete charge of the battery lasts approximately one day but don’t forget to charge your battery for eight hours or overnight before its first use.

The Breeze is pretty comparable to the analog cigarettes; it mimics the look and feel of smoking a real cigarette, but without the harmful chemicals. It would be best used by a light or occasional smoker.

Let me know if you have any questions. I would be happy to talk to anyone about this!

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