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One of the first questions anyone asks when they consider switching to Electronic cigarettes is whether they are harmful. Bearing in mind that there is no clinical data to confirm or disprove the safety of e cigarettes we’ll have to rely on common sense and anecdotal evidence. It seems that there are different opinions being touted by the media and health professionals alike. However, at this point I can safely consider myself to be something of an expert due to my long running career as e cigarette reviewer extraordinaire.

I’m going to focus today on how I have benefitted personally from switching to e-cigarettes rather than dwelling upon potentially bogus accusations of their harmfulness.

In this day and age the traditional smoker can end up feeling like something of an outcast. When I made the transition to e-cigarettes there was a pivotal moment for me when I realized what a life line they were. My Eureka moment came when I was meeting with some trendy types in the marketing business. I was starting to feel the need for my regular nicotine fix, so rather than heading off for a smoke and risking appearing unprofessional, I decided to be bold! I could have excused myself and scurried off through the plush Miami Beach Hotel lobby, but instead I decided to ask if it was fine for me to “light one up”. Not that I would have been lighting anything, of course, seeing as e cigs are non combustible.

Imagine my surprise when my clients reeled with laughter, why was I even asking? Never the less, it’s always polite to ask others if they mind before you go ahead and “vape” in their company. By then I had piqued their interest with my electronic cigarette and I was bombarded with questions about my favourite gadget, it wasn’t my intention to divert anyone from the business at hand, but my clients were now very curious. I had even gained an advantage! I realised that I was able to conduct business secure in the knowledge that I had a steady supply of nicotine on hand, but without the disadvantages of traditional cigarettes. This was far more professional in my opinion, but the advantages of e-cigarettes went much further for me.

Back in the days when I was still an e-cigarette novice I experienced an extremely important benefit of e-cigarettes first hand. Now I don’t know if you’ve ever been burning along in your automobile while enjoying the thrill of the open road, only to have your cigarette blown from your mouth into the back of your car, but believe me it’s no fun! While on the way to a business meeting in South Florida I would have come to a sticky end had I not been smoking an electronic cigarette at the time.

My heart skipped a beat as I imagined my car catching fire and hurtling down the freeway like a big ball of flames, or a huge burn in my designer suit.  I heaved a massive sign of relief when I remembered I was actually smoking an e cig, and as I slowed down the little fella was lying safely on the floor right beside my feet. My car was fine, my suit was intact and all was good in my world.

Anyone who has smoked tobacco cigarettes knows that awkward and guilty feeling you get when you want to smoke but there’s kids around. Being a generous guy I like to help my family or lend a hand, and it’s not uncommon for me to have the nephews and nieces round every few weeks to give their parents a break! With traditional tobacco cigarettes I was lucky if I managed to furtively sneak a couple of cigarette breaks in when I had the kids over. I found e-cigarettes were a far more convenient way of indulging my habit. A little puff here and a little puff there was all it took, because I wasn’t trying to hide the fact that I was standing out doors puffing away on a smoky old cigarette. With electronic cigarettes you can slip one out and take a crafty puff before popping the device back into your pocket, and no children will ever have to breathe your second-hand smoke. By not having to keep extinguishing unfinished cigarettes you can actually save a surprising amount of money, and this in itself is worthy of consideration.

These are just a few reasons why e cigarettes are safer for smokers and non smokers alike, I could go on listing the positives almost indefinitely, but then what would I write for my next post?

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  13 Responses to “Smokeless Cigarettes Harmful?”

  1. I am using the e cigarrettes as an alternative to smoking and don’t miss analog cigarettes at all. No more cough and no smelly hands and breath. I know e cigs are not tested as safe, but regular cigarettes ARE proven to kill, and they have not been banned in the US! In my humble opinionelectronic cigarettes are much safer than real once.

    • Right on! E cigs have got to be 100 x healthier than regular cigarettes. Even if they haven’t been tested, we can be pretty surethat they don’t give off carbon monoxide or contain formaldehyde and other cancer causing chemicals. I don’t see why e cigs wouldn’t be safe.

  2. When I first got my starter kit, my husband wouldn’t even let me do it in the house. I eventually got him to change his mind after proving to him that there was no smell, but he still believes the second-hand vapor could be harmful. He is convinced the FDA is the only unbiased opinion out there and it is known the FDA hasn’t been very kind to vaping.

  3. I was 35 when I quit. By that time, I had been smoking for 50 years already. I woke up with blood in my throat, always got sick, now, after three years of e-cigs, all of these symptoms have disapeared. I am also able to jog 9 km without feeling as though my lungs want to climb out of my throat. Maybe e-cigs are not so safe but they definitely provide an improvement in overall health.

  4. I don’t believe that e-cigs are 100% good and healthy , but I do know that they are so much better than traditional cigarettes. Anyone who disagrees is just ignorant.

  5. An electronic cigarette has nicotine, flavor, propylene glycol and water. Propylene glycol is used in foods like cake mix and baby food. It has been proven that traditional cigarettes have at least 46 known carcinogens and over 4000 poisons, not to mention tar. Any person without a scientific degree can see that electronic cigarettes cannot be near as harmful as electronic cigarettes. I personally think that electronic cigarettes are awesome!!!

  6. I just watched a video that had some secrets for easy filling of a carto. It was strongly recommended to wear latex gloves when filling cartomizer. Is it really necessary to wear gloves to fill a cartomizer
    P.S. I’m pretty new to vaping

    • YES, if you are using very high nicotine liquid or dealing with pure nicotine, but for liquids with lower concentrations of nicotine such as 2.4 or less just be carefull. The matter is that nicotine absorbs very rapidly through the skin and higher concentrations can cause health complications particularly in those that suffer from cardiovascular issues.

  7. E-cigs might be less healthy than not smoking at all, but they have got to be healthier than smoking a pack of real cigarettes a day!!!

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