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Stealth vaping, for the uninitiated, simply refers to the practise of having a crafty vape. But isn’t it perfectly acceptable to use e cigarettes just about anywhere? Well, the answer is yes, but also no.

Sometimes you might, out of respect, want to refrain from vaping around certain people or in certain situation. E cigs are a relatively new product and some people can get pretty funny about unfamiliar things that they don’t understand. This is why us vapers need to employ some ninja skills from time to time if we’re to get our e cig hit!

So, today I’d like to share my top 5 favourite stealth vaping tips with my readers. Hopefully it will give you a chuckle and you might just get some stealth smoking ideas of your own. A lot of us, in a funny sort of way, got off on the fact that smoking was forbidden. The thrill of illicit smoking doesn’t have to come to an end when you begin to vape. Oh no, you can rest assured that stealth vaping can be a very satisfactory pastime indeed.

Stealth Vape Tip 1 –  In the Gym

That’s right, I vaped in the gym. It was the in locker room to be precise. Now, since I stopped smoking analogues and switched to e cigs I’ve been much more health conscious. However, this doesn’t stop me from gasping for a vape at the end of a hard workout session. In fact, e cigs are the first thing on my mind as I leave the weights room. Now, I know that there’s nothing wrong with vaping, but the idea of being around health nuts and vaping freaks me out! When the locker room has been quiet I’ve been known to hide behind my locker door and have a quick vape before I get showered.

Stealth Vape Tip 2 – In the Hospital

I’m not the first person to have vaped in a hospital and I definitely won’t be the last! We all know what a bad rap smokers get and vaping in hospital, in many people’s opinion, is a grey area. It’s a matter of respect. This is a place you’ll definitely want to be like a ninja.

When my beautiful wife was taken ill, I have to confess that my e cigs came with me to the hospital on my visits. Thankfully it was just a scare and she was out after a couple of days. When the nurses popped out I was pulling out my electronic cigarette and having the odd stealthy vape. I don’t know what they would have said if they caught me, but I guess I didn’t fancy finding out.

Stealth Vape Tip 3 – At the Movies

Now, once again, sometimes you might ruffle a few feathers when you whip out your e cig. If you’re at the movies it’s going to be dark and someone might mistake your electronic cigarette for the analogue variety. Now I don’t want to cause a scene and spoil the film for other people. This is one of the times when I like to go into ninja mode and stealth vape. Oh, did I drop something on the floor?

Stealth Vape Tip 4 – When I Have the Kids in the Car

I’m not ashamed of my vaping, but I do feel a little self conscious if I openly vape in my car with the kids in tow. It’s not doing them any harm, but I just worry that some people might think I’m smoking something ‘funny’ in the car! Nobody wants to look like a bad parent and this is definitely a situation where my tealth vaping skills come in handy.

Stealth Vape Tip 4 – The Toilet

If all else fails there is always the toilet! If you’re in a situation and you really feel as though vaping would be inappropriate I suggest a trip to the washroom. Electronic cigarettes don’t produce smoke or leave any lingering odors, so nobody will ever find out.

Personally I’m proud to be a vaper, but I’m also sensible enough to realise that there’s a time and a place for everything. Sure, I could just openly vape in some of these situations, but some people just aren’t ready for that yet. E cigarettes are still a pretty radical idea to some people.

Have you ever stealth vaped? If you have I’d love to hear about your best stealth vaping moments. Until next time…

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