Jun 132012

Electronic cigarettes are a truly revolutionary product. Smokers have long been plagued by numerous health problems that are related to their habit. At one time cigarettes were considered to be medicinal. In fact, they were even prescribed by health professionals! These days smoking tobacco is frowned upon by many people. It’s even regarded as a dirty and antisocial habit and this is partly true.

Second Hand Smoke – Not a Problem with Electronic Cigarettes!

The issue of others breathing in second hand tobacco smoke from cigarettes is very serious. This is completely understandable, as there are so many harmful chemicals in traditional cigarettes. Aside from that, the smoke from cigarettes can aggravate people’s asthma and it’s just highly unpleasant for non-smokers. Electronic cigarettes just don’t cause these problems. These are also known as smokeless cigarettes or vapour cigarettes. They produce a vapour that contains nicotine as the name suggests.

Now, you know that I am passionate about this subject. I intend to make this the ‘go to’ blog for anyone who wants information about the best electronic cigarettes, or the place to read the best impartial electronic cigarette reviews. So, whether you have been vaping for a while, or you’re an e-cig virgin, there will be information and electronic cigarette reviews for you!

My Top 5 places to Use your Electronic Cigarette

Smokers have increasingly found themselves becoming social outcasts. That might sound a little bit melodramatic, but it’s true none the less. Back in the 1970’s people could smoke just about anywhere; restaurants, bars and even offices. Now don’t get me wrong, I don’t think this was a good thing. It’s not fair to inflict your smoke upon non-smokers! However, these days you can usually find smokers huddled outdoors puffing furtively on their cigarettes. So what is the alternative? Well, electronic cigarettes of course! Since there is no second hand smoke, other people are not affected by your habit. Technically speaking, electronic cigarettes are not even cigarettes, they are an entirely different creature altogether. So let’s look at the best places to smoke your vapour cigarettes.

1 – It’s Safe to Vape around Children

Vaping is just the term used by those in the know for puffing on an electronic cigarette. We all know that smoking around children is bad right? None of us want kids to breathe harmful cigarette smoke and why should they? In fact, I used to nip outside to have a crafty puff when I was around my nieces and nephews. I also felt pretty guilty even when I went outside because I worried that they would see me.  I didn’t want to set a bad example! Switching to electronic cigarettes is totally child friendly and you don’t have to worry about them inhaling harmful second hand smoke.

2.       Smoking in Bed is Not a Problem with Electronic Cigarettes

Smoking in bed is a pretty gross habit and if you share your bed with a non smoker it’s even worse. It makes your bedding smell of stinky old cigarette smoke and it might even prove to be a bit of a passion killer. This is never a good thing! If you share you bed with someone else you really need to switch to electronic cigarettes. Aside from that, smoking in bed is dangerous. People have actually set fire to their bedding and themselves because they’ve fallen asleep smoking. This is perhaps one of the best places that I’ve come up with so far for vaping on your e cigarette!