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I was a 45 year smoker who tried to quit smoking numerous times over the years. I tried to quit by either going cold turkey or used the patches or gum with some success, but it only lasted for 3-4 weeks then I was back to smoking. I really do love and enjoy smoking, but I hate the cost and all the illnesses associated with this habit. When I learned about electronic cigarettes I decided to give them a try and spent quite a bit of time researching and reviewing e-cigs and different e-cigarettes providers.
I was recommended to V2cigs by a friend who has tried this product and said it is amazing. Needless to say, I was happy with Green Smoke and was not looking to try another e-cigarette, however, this fellow was so persistent that I could not refuse him and I can honestly say I am not disappointed

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When I first tried V2 Cigs I knew it as one of the most popular e-cigarette brandsv2cigs economy starter kit and one of the fastest growing electronic cigarettes company in the USA. To start smoking e-cigarettes you need a starter kit as it usually includes everything necessary. So I ordered V2 Economy Kit through their website. Paid $61.50 and here is that I got:

  • 1 battery
  • 10 x cartridges
  • Charger with combo cord and USB charger
  • A/C Wall Adaptor
  • Users Manual

This kit will definitely fulfil all your needs if you’ve never used e-cigarettes before and want an easy way to get started.  When ordering you can choose different flavors and battery lengths some of which have different options for the led colors.
As I never really smoked flavored cigarettes I picked the cowboy flavor (modeled after Marlboro reds I think) and Menthol. Both are good and generate a good amount of vapor from both the automatic and manual batteries. Both taste and give a throat kick that is closer to a real cigarette than most other brands I have tried. If you are a new vaper I would recommend getting the 12 mg to start as the 18mg are strong. I used to smoke Marlboro Reds which are fairly strong but the 18mg I got is double the hit. As for Menthol, it is tasty and satisfying, cooling my throat just as analogue cig would. The batteries last forever. If I could change anything it would be the weight of the cig and I’d like something to show me when the cartridge is getting empty. That would really come in handy.

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I must say that my whole ordering process went smoothly from beginning to end, so I did not have any chance to check their customer support.
Conclusion: An awesome product and I think the price is right considering the quality and taste. I would recommend V2cigs to anyone who wants to give up the harmful smoke for a safer way to smoke. Guarantee

  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • lifetime warranty









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  1. I can’t say enough good things about V2cigs!
    Absolutely the best product in terms of quality, and their customer support is first-rate, especially Miguel and Brian.
    Yes, some minor glitches, but they bend over backwards to accomodate customers and keep us satisfied.

  2. I was a chain smoker for 10 years. It’s been two weeks and some days now and I’ve only smoked one pack of analog cigarettes. My clothes…they don’t stink anymore! I wish I had known about V2 e cigs years ago. I found some reviews about bad customer service and slow shipping but I haven’t experienced any of that.

  3. Tried many different brands, but only V2 had the vapor I wanted and felt the most like real smoking. I can also get the vapors to become really thick when I use the manual batteries. The quality of the V2 cigs are so much better than the other ones I tried.

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