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I’d like to WELCOME all newcomers to my e cigs review blog. Seasoned readers may well find that today’s update isn’t exactly “news” to them, but today I’d like to examine electronic cigarettes and their increasing popularity.

The use of electronic cigarette’s has been skyrocketing and increasing in prominence. However, you may be curious and also a little confused if you have never tried them for yourself, and you might even wonder what the fuss is all about. So for the next few minutes let’s see some of the great brands that are available, look at the reasons for the rising popularity of e-cigarettes and you can decide for yourself if you’d like to give e-cigarettes a go!

Electronic cigarettes offer the smoker a highly satisfying alternative to traditional cigarettes in the form of a fully portable electronic gadget. The device produces vapors which mimic the appearance, aroma and taste of the traditional tobacco cigarettes. Smokers can still enjoy the sensations of smoking including the hit of nicotine so withdrawal symptoms are simply not an issue. This means that smokers of traditional cigarettes can switch to e-cigs with ease.
What makes people switch from traditional cigarettes to e-cigarettes?

Well, there are many compelling and noteworthy reasons for making the switch.
First of all because e-cigarettes produce vapour instead of smoke they are a healthy alternative to traditional cigarettes. The vapors are produced by way of ultrasonic’s or a source of non-combustible heat. The tar, carbon monoxide and harmful additives found in tobacco cigarettes are absent from e-cigarettes making them safer and cleaner.

Since smoking is no longer permitted in bars, restaurants and other public buildings non-combustible e-cigarettes are often an acceptable alternative. Although various establishments have their own policies, and laws can vary between states, e-cigarettes are often permitted. The fact that many people find they can smoke e-cigs indoors is another reason for their growing popularity.
Although e-cigarettes come in a range of styles most are a convenient size, pen size, as you would expect. Most varieties come with reusable cartridges and the cartridges contain a liquid which is heated to produce the vapors.  This allows for a more creative variety of products in the form of flavoured cartridges, and these include traditional tobacco and menthol as well as more exotic flavours like cherry or chocolate.

Bull Smoke is fast becoming one of the most popular e-cig brands. Their wide range of flavoured cartridges encompasses fruity flavours, classic flavours that are designed to taste like your old favourite cigarette brands and even dessert flavours! So whether you consider yourself a sophisticated or more rugged type there is bound to be a flavour for you. You can read all about this featured product and learn more in my “Bullsmoke  review post

My advice to anyone who is considering trying e-cigarettes is to try it for yourself. E cigarettes, in my opinion, are a must for any smoker, and once I tried them I never looked back because of the health benefits and other plus points. So if you’re curious grab yourself a good quality kit with your choice of flavours and enjoy a safer cleaner smoke.

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  1. My experience with e-cigs proved that electronic cigarettes are cheaper than the analog,
    electronic cigarettes can be enjoyed nearly everywhere. I am not burning tobacco and inhaling it, together with tons of additives and chemicals that are incredibly harmful to my health.

  2. I personally think that ecigs are great. I own three different brands and have been smoke free for over 5 months because of them.

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