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If you have been keeping up with the news you will have heard about an exciting new product called electronic cigarettes or e-cigarettes. Many people are curious about e-cigarettes and would like to learn more. Have you ever gone for dinner or drinks with friends and spotted someone puffing on what looks like a smokeless cigarette? How are they able to sit there smoking and why haven’t they been asked to leave? They’re smoking one of the new e-cigarettes! These exciting new products are becoming popular with smokers and non-smokers alike so let’s find out what the buzz is about.

Although smoking tobacco in public is frowned upon and has been banned in bars and restaurants people can now smoke e-cigarettes instead. The good old days of enjoying a cigarette after dinner or with your favorite drink may be over. But do not despair!  E-cigs ensure that you can still enjoy the benefits of smoking wherever or whenever you choose because it’s a discreet alternative to smoking traditional cigarettes. Because e-cigarettes give off vapor instead of smoke people might not even notice you smoking, and your family and friends will no longer have to breathe your second hand smoke either.

Anyone who has tried to quit smoking tobacco knows just how hard it can be, and going cold turkey is the ultimate challenge for a smoker. Many people choose e-cigarettes when they decide to quit as they come in a variety of nicotine strengths and flavoured varieties are also available. E-cigarettes have been the first step on the road to successfully quitting smoking for many people. By gradually reducing the strength of their e-cigarettes people have been able to progress to nicotine free varieties.

Money is also an issue for many smokers because the cost of tobacco is constantly rising. Many smokers are now looking for more cost effective alternatives and e-cigarettes fit the bill perfectly as they leave less of a dent in the wallet. It’s common to hear people say that switching to e-cigarettes has saved them money.

Another benefit of switching to e-cigarettes is the knowledge that you are choosing a more environmentally friendly habit.  Every time you smoke a tobacco cigarette you end up with a nasty old cigarette butt to which must be disposed of. This isn’t an issue with e-cigs as they don’t produce smoke which pollutes the air for other people. You can say goodbye to emptying stinky old ashtrays full of stale smelling butts. You’ll also save on petrol as you can order e-cigarettes online instead of driving to the store for the tobacco variety like you used to.

Most smokers love to smoke and enjoy the hit of the nicotine but the tar and carbon monoxide can be seriously damaging to a person’s health. One of the many reasons that e-cigarettes are so popular with people is the fact that they can still enjoy the sensation of smoking without the harmful smoke. Your family and loved ones will also be delighted, especially your partner. You’ll be safe in the knowledge that you won’t taste like an old ashtray when you kiss them!

So now you know some of the numerous reasons why people end up choosing e-cigarettes. Smokers, their families and loved ones alike will welcome this safer, cleaner and more cost effective alternative to the evil weed. But the benefits don’t have to stop there, this article only scratches the surface and you’ll find your own reasons for preferring e-cigs over tobacco. So find an e-cigarette brand that you like the look of and try it for yourself, Why not? You have everything to gain but nothing to lose.

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  7 Responses to “Why Smoke E-Cigs?”

  1. I love to vape because I was fed up with the smokers cough. Plus the fact that the analogue cigs were getting so expensive. Who has that sort of money these days? I’m not David Rockefella!

    Hopefully they won’t start sticking ridiculous taxes on my precious e cigs. They truly are a God send for hardened nicotine addicts such as myself! I was such a hardcore smoker that I used to find myself waking up a couple of times a night gagging for a smoke. I thought I was the only one but since talking to other vapers I have learned that other people have been there too.

    I didn’t want to end up in hospital with tubes coming out of my lungs by the age of 50 and something had to give. All smokers know how once the weed takes a hold of you, it won’t just give you up that easily. Patches and gum never worked for me. They just arent the same as drawing down the smoke and feeling it at the back of your throat. E cigs give me that throat hit and I find them extremely satisfying. I bought a few kits before I found my favourite. BullSmoke.

    I know I’m waxing lyrical about them, but e cigs have probably saved me from an early grave!

    • Haha, the analogues have gotten too expensive haven’t they. 😀

      I’m hoping that my smokers cough will soon be gone. Just started on the ‘vaping’ and so far I’m not dissapointed.

      Actually, my dad used to wake up in the night and have to have a smoke. I had never heard of anyone apart from him doing this. I’ll have to let him know that other people do this too. He has quit now and he went cold turkey.

      I don’t have that kind of willpower and that’s why I chose e cigs.

  2. Smoking for me was more than just an addiction, it was something that I truly enjoyed. My roommate gave me a starter kit and I couldn’t believe how easy it was to make the switch. I feel much healthier and I am much happier knowing that I can still smoke without putting my health at risk.

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